One of the UK’s leading supplier of high-quality protein ingredients to the pet food market, has this week announced it has completed a major upgrade project to its animal by-product (ABP) processing facility in Stoke Bardolph.

Site owner Sarval has invested in the creation of a purpose-built centre which will house dedicated processing equipment for specialist poultry products.

Two new processing lines will utilise the latest technology and are capable of handling in excess of 3,500 tonnes of poultry every week. Best in class processing techniques and controls will guarantee the highest possible end product quality, in order to match the demands from the world’s leading Pet Care providers.

Ashley Burdock, commercial manager at SARVAL, said: “Investing in this new processing equipment and infrastructure reflects our ability to respond to increasing customer demand for poultry proteins and fats, which are used by some of the world’s leading premium pet food manufacturers. The state-of-the-art facility will ensure the highest possible product standards, alongside product traceability and ethical practice systematic with a SARIA facility.”

Stoke Bardolph site is capable of processing more than 200,000 tonnes of poultry by-products every year. The resulting high-quality poultry meat meal, hydrolysed feather meal and poultry fat is used by some of the world’s leading pet food manufacturers in the production of premium product lines.

Sarval is one of the largest suppliers of protein ingredients to the European pet food sector. SARVAL operates four main pet food plants in the UK. Its Nottingham and Widnes plants produce a range of dried poultry materials, while the plant in Doncaster specialises in chilled and frozen products and is one of the most advanced preparation facilities of its kind in Europe.



  1. Are they also upgrading their air filters? The stench we have as far as colwick park is revolting and this longstanding problem needs to be addressed. Would like a response from the company involved…


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