Buyers of new homes on Netherfield development can withhold money until any faults are fixed

 Buyers of new homes on Netherfield development can withhold money until any faults are fixed
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The housebuilder behind the new Teal Close development, near Netherfield, will now allow homebuyers to withhold an average of £3,600 per home until any faults found are fixed.

Persimmon Homes today (21) announced it is to launch their ‘retention’ scheme to support customer satisfaction in its new build properties, in a response to recent criticism about the quality of their homes.

The firm are building 830 homes on the 135-acre Rivendell site in Teal Close between Netherfield and Stoke Bardolph, which is estimated to cost around £96million.

Persimmon Homes will become the first major housebuilder to establish such a scheme, which will see 1.5% of the total home value withheld by the buyer’s solicitor until any faults identified at the point of key release are resolved.

Neil Follows, managing director of Persimmon Homes Nottingham, said: “For most of our customers, moving into their new home is an exciting and positive experience. However sometimes there are teething problems that need to be addressed, and the introduction of this homebuyer’s retention is an important step towards ensuring every buyer is able to settle into their property with confidence and satisfaction.

“Put simply, we don’t receive the full price of the home until these issues have been resolved.”

The firm say their homebuyer’s retention scheme is the latest in a series of measures introduced ‘to assure high finish standards and improve customer care’.

The policy will see the company’s standard contract including a provision that 1.5% of the total home value (equating to around 6% of the build fabric costs) can be withheld until any faults identified at the point of key release are resolved.

The average amount withheld, based on current selling prices, will be approximately £3,600 per home. The new standard contract and policy are expected to be fully in place by the end of June.

Dave Jenkinson, chief executive officer of Persimmon, said: “Persimmon is listening hard to all stakeholders and we hear the message that we need to continue to raise our game in customer care.

“Initiatives already announced include action taken to deliver greater accuracy of anticipated moving in dates by adopting a more targeted approach to the phasing of sales on specific sites and improvements and investments made to our customer care team, operations and technology over the last few months.

“We are now accelerating the pace of change through the introduction of a contracted retention which will give homebuyers far greater satisfaction at the completion of the purchase.”

Gedling Eye Reporter

Gedling Eye Reporter


  • There is only one thing Persimmon listen to and that’s money. Let’s hope the CEO’s £110m bonus isn’t affected by this.

  • I viewed these houses. There are rubbish; posh cardboard and considering the show house was the biggest in the range, no room to swing a cat should you wish to do so.. I’ll be staying in my Edwardian semi.

  • Two reasons I would not Bugg in there still a flood plain and in the second world was the site was used for a toxic dumping ground. I’m sure the developers told you that before you brought it

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