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People’s Vote campaigners will be ‘out in force’ in Gedling on Saturday urging voters to back Labour’s Vernon Coaker and secure a second referendum

People’s Vote campaigners say they will be ‘out in force’ in Gedling this Saturday (7) to urge voters to back Vernon Coaker and secure a second referendum on leaving the EU.

The local activists, who believe that voters should have a final say on Brexit in a confirmatory referendum, want to help in the campaign to reelect sitting Labour MP Vernon Coaker.

The campaigners, who don’t support any one party, are urging people to vote tactically to prevent Boris Johnson getting a majority in parliament. That means voting for the candidate most likely to defeat the Conservatives. This could be Labour, Liberal Democrat or Independent.

PICTURED: Campaigners on the streets of Mapperley during an earlier campaign

The aim is to get a cross party alliance after the election that would agree to hold a second referendum with an option to remain in the European Union.

Gedling has been targeted as one of about 40 key seats that could determine the outcome of the General Election.

Founder member of the Nottingham People’s Vote Campaign, Susan Martin, said: “Voters in Nottinghamshire will have a major say in the outcome of the election so we want to make sure we get our message across about the need for a confirmatory referendum on Brexit. 

“Voting for Boris Johnson won’t get Brexit done. Instead, we’ll get done by Brexit. Whatever form Brexit takes, it will have a damaging impact on our jobs, businesses and public services here in Nottingham and across the UK.”

“Vernon Coaker has been an excellent constituency MP. He supports a second referendum as the only way to resolve the Brexit crisis and bring people together.”

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Nottingham activists will help with door knocking, leafleting, phone calling and office work, with the focus on making sure people turn out to vote this Thursday. They will also be running their own tactical voting street stalls.

The People’s Vote Campaign has a network of more than 200 local campaign groups across the UK as well as more than 500,000 registered supporters. Their efforts could be key to denying Boris Johnson a majority on December 12th and preventing him from imposing his damaging Brexit on the UK.

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  1. The people have already voted. These vile establishment lackeys have some nerve saying that they represent us.

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