Passengers urged to have their say on plans to axe Arnold and Mapperley bus service

 Passengers urged to have their say on plans to axe Arnold and Mapperley bus service

PICTURED: Linkbus L9 service in Arnold (PHOTO: Transport Nottingham)

Passengers in Arnold and Mapperley are being urged to have their say on plans to axe a bus route serving both communities.

Nottingham City Council is proposing to reduce funding for Linkbus services and as a result, some routes will have to be reduced or withdrawn.

One route facing the axe is the L9 city route – which serves passengers in Arnold and Mapperley.

A consultation is now being held over the plans, which gives those using the service the opportunity to voice their concerns.

The proposal for the L9 service, which also covers Sherwood and Bestwood Park, reads: “The two largest key areas (Edwards Lane Estate and Winchester Court/Woodthorpe Court) served by NCT 40 every 30 minutes. We are looking at low cost options for those parts of the L9 at Mildenhall Crescent and Sherwood Vale that are beyond 400m of another bus service.”

A spokesman for Nottingham City Council said: “The council is facing very serious budget challenges, and is having to make some extremely difficult decisions on the services we provide. This includes a proposal to reduce funding for our Linkbus services.

“We are proposing to limit the effect on services through timetable changes, diversions on existing services, and withdrawing services where journeys can be made by another operator. This way we can ensure we continue to provide services to the city and district centres for people living more than 400m away from a commercial bus or tram stop.

“A public consultation is now running until February 22.”

The bus firm said a final decision over services will be made in March.

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You can have your say on the proposals by emailing [email protected]



  • This bus service is a lifeline to so many elderly and disabled people please keep it running

  • Please don’t take this service away. You will be hurting so many people who use it regularly.

  • Definitely needed on the long stretch of Porchester Road to Mapperley shops that isn’t served by NCT

  • This service is so needed for the elderly. It gives them peace of mind knowing that they can get up the hills independently and go to the shops, doctors, dentist. I understand that it probably isn’t being used much at the moment but surely this isn’t the time to stop this lifeline

  • Typical of the city council to spend so much funding on electric buses then to decide they can’t afford to keep the service running so they simply throw in the towel. I believe if the bus service ran entirely through the inner city then it wouldn’t be axed.

  • I often see this bus, and there is usually only the driver on board. I used to use it regularly when I could use my NCT easyrider card, but now I have to walk up the hill to Mapperley top.

    Please retain it, publicise it better, and allow the NCT bus cards to be used again.

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