MP joins horse riders in Calverton to encourage motorists to Pass Wide and Slow to prevent accidents

An MP teamed up with horse riders in Calverton over the weekend to help spread the word about a new campaign encouraging motorists to be more considerate when passing them wide and slowly on the roads.

Mark Spencer, who is MP for Sherwood, and Calverton resident Jane Walker, attended a ‘pass wide and slow’ on Sunday designed to raise awareness of horse riders on the road, and encourage best practice for both rider and driver when passing on public roads.

The ‘Pass Wide & Slow’ campaign is being publicised across the country with more than 70 rideouts taking place on Sunday, April 14.

PICTURED: Mark Spencer MP with campaigners at a pass wide and slow event in Calverton on Sunday

Mr Spencer said he was glad he could come along and support the campaign in Calverton.

He said: “Safety on the roads for horses, horse riders and cars is hugely important, especially in rural areas like Sherwood, so the more understanding and respect there is from drivers to horse riders and vice versa, the better.”

“I’ve had a lot of local horse riders contact me about the issues they’ve experienced when riding on or crossing public roads, so I’m very happy to be able to come along and to support this event, and events like it, as much as I can.”

“I want to say a huge well done to the event’s organisers, and a big thank you to everyone who turned out on Sunday morning in Calverton.”

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