Parish Council planning World War I truce match re-enactment

 Parish Council planning World War I truce match re-enactment

German and English soldiers take part in a football match during Armistice Day in 1914.

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The Christmas Day truce football match is to be re-enacted in Lowdham over 100 years after it halted the killing on the Western Front.

Lowdham Parish Council have announced plans to hold the match on Boxing Day to mark the anniversary of the famous truce match that took place between soldiers on both sides on December 25, 1914, during World War I.

The Lowdham match will take place on Boxing Day, at 11am, on the Southwell Road Sports Ground. Players from around the village are being invited to take part.

The event is just one of many planned by villagers to mark the centenary of the famous conflict that claimed thousands of lives between 1914-18.

If you would like to play on the day then email [email protected] or telephone (0115) 9664101(0115) 9664101.


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