Parents in Gedling borough have just days left to apply for primary school places for September 2019 as deadline looms

Parents in Gedling borough have just a couple of days left to get their applications in for primary school places for September 2019.

The application round for first admissions to reception class at primary school closes on next Tuesday (January 15).

Those with children attending a school’s foundation unit, nursery class or early years’ group, are also being reminded this doesn’t guarantee they will get a place at the main school at reception age, and they must still complete an application for a full-time place.

Parents of children currently in year 2 in an infant school will also need to apply for a year 3 place in a junior or primary school for September 2019. Children do not automatically transfer from infant to junior/primary school.

All those who live in Nottinghamshire will need to apply through Nottinghamshire County Council, even if they wish to apply for schools in other local authority areas such as Nottingham City or Derbyshire.

The council’s website  has information to help with the application process, and it is worth reading Admissions to Schools: Guide for Parents 2019-2020 which contains lots of useful information and advice.

The information about schools in Admissions to Schools: School information 2018- 2019, also available on our website, is organised into district areas (Gedling, Ashfield, Broxtowe and so on), so it is easy just to print off pages about schools you are interested in applying for.

Chairman of the County Council’s Children and Young People’s Committee, Councillor Philip Owen, said: “If your child will be five years old between September 1, 2018 and August 31, 2019, time is running out for you to apply for a reception year place and to decides which schools to include on your application.

“If it is your first child who is starting in reception, we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision which will give you the best chance of getting your child into your preferred school.

“The good news, however, is that last year, over 98% of families who applied for a primary school place on time were offered one of their preferred schools – up on the previous year.”

Parents who apply online will also get the decision by email on what’s known as National Offer Day on Tuesday, April 16 instead of having to wait a few days for a letter sent by second class post.

Parents must also remember to:

  • Use all four preferences – there is never a guarantee that a preference can be met, but parents should make sure that they use all four of their preferences rather than just making one preference and limiting their options. This way they are more likely to be offered a place at a school they are happy for their child to attend
  • Check the admission oversubscription criteria – parents are urged to include at least one school within the four preferences where their child will have high priority within the school’s admission oversubscription criteria and are therefore highly likely to get a place. Information about the criteria can also be found on the Council’s website

For any enquiries about how to apply for a school place, please contact 0300 500 80 80 or visit


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