Over 600 new homes proposed for Calverton

 Over 600 new homes proposed for Calverton
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Over 600 new homes proposed for village

Following the formal adoption of Gedling Borough Council’s Local Planning Document earlier this year, planning applications for new housing developments in Calverton are flowing in thick and fast.  Three proposals are due to be considered by the Planning Committee very soon, possibly at the meeting in November. These include a revised application for 54 dwellings at Dark Lane, 79 at the junction of Main Street and Hollinwood Lane and 430 in the area of Park Road, Oxton Lane and North Green.

In addition an application have been submitted for 21 bungalows on the former colliery car park site at North Green and 5 houses on Main Street next to the Admiral Rodney. There is also a proposal for 60 dwellings on Flatts Lane opposite Chery Orchards.

Regarding the proposal for the brownfield former car park, there is an accepted demand for bungalows in Calverton. It is notable that, in contrast, the current revised planning application for Dark Lane would remove all bungalows – the applicant having stated that the overwhelming demand was only for the larger 4/5-bedroom houses.

Proposed extension to Dorket Head Brickworks

In October concern was raised about the draft New Nottinghamshire Minerals Local Plan. In particular mention was made about a proposed clay extraction site in the Woodborough Valley. This location could have had a significant visual impact on the landscape of the area and the gradient of the northern part of the site would have made adequate screening difficult. Thankfully, the site has now been withdrawn from the allocation process. However, Ibstock Brickworks is likely to promote alternative sites in the locality – either as part of the mineral plan review or through the development control process.

Location of the proposed clay extraction site (now withdrawn)

From the Archives…

A Poster advertising the Calverton Horticultural Show and Gala in 1878.

One of the attractions is the Calverton Brass Band, Bandmaster Mr Morley, with a list of items finishing with “God Save the Queen”!

Note the admission charge for the whole event gets cheaper as the day goes on even though it concludes with a “Grand Display of Fireworks”!

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Pres clips

………parking in St. Wilfrid’s Square seems to have been slightly easier recently, will it last!!!!????

………good to see the surgery main entrance open again, hopefully the rest of the building will be completed soon.


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