GedlingNewsResidents slam pavement repair work carried out by contractors for BT Openreach in Gedling

Residents in Shelford Road, Gedling, have condemned “appalling” pavement repair work carried out by a contractors for a telecoms company.

Contractors working on behalf of BT Openreach carried out the work after making repairs to underground cabling in the Gedling street.

Now the ‘poor quality’ pavement repair has been slammed by those living the street.

Resident Bill Fenton said he was angered by the poor quality of the repairs.

These repairs have been branded a ‘disgrace’ (PICTURE: Bill Fenton)

He said: “Openreach contractors have left us in a right mess whilst repairing cable ducts. The work is a disgrace.”

One resident who didn’t wish to be named also contacted Gedling Eye via social media.

She said: “It looks horrid. They’ve just quickly patched it up. It’s a real poor quality job. They don’t care about the people that have to live with this mess every day.”

Gedling Eye contacted Openreach about the work.

A spokesperson for the firm said: “We have raised this issue with our contractor and they will be sending one of their supervisors out to inspect the pavement.

“If the restoration work isn’t to the correct standard we will of course get it rectified immediately.”

Openreach also wanted to make it clear that it is normal practice for a temporary reinstatement to be made immediately following works and then the contractor will go around and complete the permanent reinstatement a day or two later.

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  • Mark Marriott

    Apr 15, 2019 at 3:48 am

    It’s the same at the corner of Earl Crescent very uneven shoddy repair


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