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The director of public health for Notts has warned of the risk of a COVID resurgence “sooner or later” if trends continue. 

Jonathan Gribbin talked about Nottingham’s Coronavirus figures and the Prime Ministers roadmap plan when he addressed the media during Friday’s briefing. 

Whilst the effects of the virus have slowed in most parts of England, statistics for some Nottingham boroughs remain high despite the plans to ease lockdown. 

Mr Gribbin said: “Yesterday the rate across all of England stood at 118 per 100,000. 

“Across East Midlands, though, we see the rate stand at 171 per 100,000: much higher than the England average.  

“That’s a problem for us potentially, because coming out of lockdown with rates anything like as high as this means that we will run a high risk of a resurgence sooner or later which would threaten the NHS.  

“None of us want that at all so it’s really important we keep going with all the restrictions and measures for the time being which will continue to bring the rates down. 

Jonathan Gribbin
PICTURED: Public Health boss Jonathan Gribbin made the warning on a media call

“If we look at Nottinghamshire county, the rate across the whole of the county at the moment stands at 193.  

“That’s a very small reduction on last week but not big enough to regard it as significant, or indeed sufficient.” 

This has raised doubts over whether boroughs are ready to come out of lockdown.  

Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday, the directors also discussed the introduction of the government’s roadmap and how it will affect people in the Gedling borough. 

Mr Gribbin said: “The roadmap sets out a plan which starts from March 8 – we’re not on the starting line. 

“If we want our community to stay on the road, it is going to be really important that we continue to stick to the rules.  

“For most of the rules, I think we’re going to find them largely unchanged through most of march.  

“So, to achieve the same level of suppression, we actually have to work much harder now than we would’ve had to six months ago.” 

Schools in England are due to reopen for every student on March 8, with a return to outdoor gatherings of up to six people or two households from March 29. 



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