Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust: ‘Lambley nature reserve not being sold as development site’

"This very difficult decision has been made because we need to prioritise our commitments"

A wildlife organisation looking to auction off a nature reserve in Lambley has called reports it will be sold for development ‘misleading’.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust responded to Gedling Eye after we reported over the weekend that Reed Pond Nature Reserve would be put up for sale.

A spokesman said: “Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust can confirm that we have advised Lambley Parish Council of our decision to offer the land adjacent to Reed Pond House Lambley for sale.

“This very difficult decision has been made because we need to prioritise our commitments and generate additional funds to ensure our work across the county remains sustainable.

“We recognise this decision has caused considerable concern locally but claims that we are selling the land to developers are misleading. The land is not being sold as a development site.

He added: “No date has been set for the sale and we expect to have further dialogue with the Parish Council next week.

“We hope to find a solution whereby the site’s wildlife interest can be retained, but we do need to sell the land.”

The news sparked anger over the weekend and local people are now hoping funds can be found to purchase the site and keep it as a nature reserve.

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