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VIDEO: Plans for first new bridge over River Trent in 65 years to move forward following delays

A planning application was originally due to be submitted in 2022, and then again in spring 2023, but was delayed.


Plans for an 87 metre-long pedestrian and cycle bridge over the River Trent have been submitted after lengthy delays.

The new bridge will link the Trent Basin area west of Trent Lane, off Daleside Road in the city, to the south bank of the river close to the Hook nature reserve in Lady Bay, Rushcliffe.

It will become the first new crossing built over the river in the city in 65 years.

A planning application was originally due to be submitted in 2022, and then again in spring 2023, but was delayed.

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River Trent footbridge
An artist’s impression of the new footbridge

Bridge over Trent
The bridge would be the first crossing across the Trent for 65 years

In March last year it was announced consultancy firm Pick Everard would deliver the bridge project alongside infrastructure group Balfour Beatty.

A full planning application has now been submitted by Nottingham City Council as of February 1.

Plans say: “This will be the first bridge to be built over the River Trent in Nottingham for over 60 years and will create new leisure routes offering a huge boost for cyclists, pedestrians and runners alike.

“By enhancing connections between communities, green spaces and the riverside path, the proposed scheme will make it easier for people living, working and visiting this area to travel in a more sustainable way.”

Nottingham City Council submitted a joint funding bid with Derby City Council and secured £161m from the Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund.

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The £12m project will be paid for using this money.

The bridge will be four metres in width, up from the previously proposed 3.5 metres, following a consultation.

This will “provide ample space for users to pause and take in the views afforded from the bridge,” plans say.

The land on the north side of the river forms part of housing developer Blueprint’s Trent Basin site, which will deliver approximately 350 homes and apartments.

On the north bank amphitheatre-style steps will be created at the base of the bridge ramp.

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On the south side of the river the proposed scheme will connect to the existing riverside path.

The south side landing, abutments and ramps will fall on Environment Agency-owned embankment land which forms a bank between the path and the river.

The council is currently in the process of acquiring part of this land to build and maintain the scheme.

Directly adjacent to the proposed scheme is land owned by Nottinghamshire Sports Properties Limited, which is used as sports fields by a number of organisations making up the Nottinghamshire Sports Club (NSC) including Nottingham Rugby and Nottinghamshire County Cricket.

Discussions are ongoing with the sports clubs to secure access permissions for the construction works.

Plans state two main bridge forms were considered at two areas, which included Poulton Drive and Trent Basin.

The first was a cable-stayed bridge which would have required the positioning of an approximately 40-metre high single pylon with an anchor block on the north side of the river.

It was identified that a bridge of this type would only be deliverable at the Poulton Drive location due to land availability.

However, this bridge form was discounted on the grounds that it would be more expensive to maintain than other bridge forms, and it could not be constructed off-site, meaning more river closures would be required.

Instead a ‘network arch-style’ bridge was chosen.

This type of bridge allows for off-site construction, reducing working over water risks and interference with river users.

Plans add: “It is more unique than the cable stay form with better aesthetics and forming a potential landmark structure for the region.

“The proposed tied arch bridge form reflects the city’s historical links with the legend of Robin Hood, furthermore the criss-crossed, diagonal hangar arrangement acknowledges the history of bicycle and lace making in Nottingham.

“It has a simpler and more cost-effective maintenance regime and therefore offers best value.

“This network arch arrangement provides a striking visual impact and is a bridge form rarely seen in the UK.”

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  1. Given all the problems at gunthorpe this year surely the planners would have realsied that what is needed is a decent road bridge that traffic can use not pedestrians and cyclists. When will commom sense prevail?

  2. This new bridge will really solve the traffic congestion caused by bikers using Trent Bridge. You couldn’t make this up except in Utopia where money grows on trees and fills the pot holes in the Autumn. 🙂


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