New mandatory face masks in shops rule comes into force today

 New mandatory face masks in shops rule comes into force today
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New rules on face masks being worn in public places have come into force today.

Gedling borough residents will have to wear one if they are in supermarkets, indoor shopping centres, takeaways banks and at transport centres like rail stations.

Police have the power to hand out £100 fines to those who refuse to obey the law.

But people with health conditions and children under the age of 11 can be exempt from the law.

MANDATORY: People will now have to wear masks at Carlton Station

It follows the previous rules for passengers and staff on public transport being told to wear coverings or face a fine.

But major retailers like Sainsbury’s, which has a store in Arnold, have warned they will not get their staff to enforce the new rules.

Government guidance states that staff in premises where face coverings are required are encouraged to take steps “to promote compliance with the law” and can refuse entry to people who do not have a valid exemption under the rules.


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