Hundreds of new homes to be built in Calverton

 Hundreds of new homes to be built in Calverton
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Hundreds of new houses will be built on a plot of land in Calverton after permission for a new development was approved. 

The land, to the north of Park Road and Collyer Road, will now see a mixture of two-to-five-bedroom homes built.

After planning permission was approved last night by Gedling Borough Council, contributions will be made by developers Persimmon Homes for bus service provision, and school places.

However no new community infrastructure, such as schools, is being built as part of the 365-home development.

The application had originally been for 430 homes, with land to the north of the plot included in the first application. 

This second plot of land could have included a road through to provide access onto Oxton Road, the B6386. 

But instead, the second plot was safeguarded, meaning it can be used for a future application.

PICTURED: A diagram showing where the new homes will be built

This meant the access road for the new estate couldn’t be built through to Oxton Road, and will have to come through the primarily-residential streets of Collyer Road and Park Road, to the south. 

Independent Councillor Mike Hope, who represents the area, said this was a serious flaw in the design which would have a significant impact for people living on the two roads. 

Speaking at the borough council’s planning meeting last night, he added: “The aim of the planning committee is to make sustainable communities that gel together, with the right infrastructure. 

“But there’s no infrastructure there at all, we’re not doing it.

“No thought has been given to the impact of development on the community, and let’s face it this is a big development. In itself it’s probably about 20 percent of the size of the village, so it’s a lot to take in, and nobody has tried to mitigate the effect of that on my community.

“Because Calverton is being developed piecemeal, what we’re getting is itty-bitty bits. Take schools. (With several other developments), there are 122 primary places that are going to be needed in Calverton, in schools that are already full. 

“That is a problem because there is no provision in the plans we have got for a new school.

“I would like to see this planning application taken back and referred to our planning officers and to say ‘find a way round this that will be better for the community of Calverton’.”

The councillors at the borough council’s planning committee last night (Wednesday, August 8) also agreed to seek contributions of £250,000 to improve bus services, £1,466,696 for primary school provision, and £1,029,674 for secondary school provision.

It is anticipated the extra schools funding will be used to expand the capacity at Colonel Frank Seely Academy secondary school, and at one of the three primary schools in the nearby area.

Councillors approved the scheme by 14 votes to one, with one abstention.



  • I was born in this house and i am now 61, never would i of believe i was going go be surrounded by houses taking up all the beautiful fields and turning this village into a dumping ground for the council…….shame on you Geding borough Council

  • Councillors approved the scheme by 14 votes to one, with one abstention.It was rigged.

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