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Walkers in Calverton rejoice after new gate is put in place allowing access to field which had been fenced off suddenly

Walkers in Calverton are today celebrating after a new gate was put in place allowing them access to fields which had been suddenly fenced off several weeks ago.

The field on Hollinwood Lane had been a popular with walkers using it to access Millennium Wood, but a fence appeared blocking people from accessing the land.

People in the community, local MP Mark Spencer and Cllr Jane Walker from Gedling Borough Council were quick to launch a campaign to get access restored.

Mr Spencer recently told Gedling Eye he had met with the land owner to get a kissing gate and fenced-off walkway created.

The new fencing (PHOTO: Sue Broome)

And today members of the Woodland Trust arrived to put in the new gate and fencing which will again allow people to access the land.

Local walkers were quick to voiced their delight on the Calverton Village Facebook group.

Julie Thompson posted: “Great news and an example of how co-operation amongst various groups in the community can help get things done to everyone’s satisfaction.”

Alan Perkins wrote: “Well done to all concerned. Great job! It just shows what can be done when people work together.”

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