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Councillors are asking people to suggest locations for 50 new bins to help tackle litter problem in Gedling borough

The new bins have been budgeted for to help tackle the borough’s growing litter problem.

Local councillors are calling on local people to help identify new sites for an additional 50 litter bins in the area.

One councillor wrote on Facebook: “We are committed to reducing levels of litter on our streets and roads, as well as in our town centres and villages. This is just one way of working towards achieving an ever-cleaner borough.”

PICTURED: Litter found in Gedling earlier this year (IMAGE: Philip Oddie)

Gedling Borough councillors have now taken to social media and are asking people in their area to suggest locations for the new bins.

As well as new locations, people can also suggest a location where an existing bin is beyond repair and requires a replacement.

People have until Thursday (October 10) to suggest a location. They can either contact their councillor on Facebook or via email. Please use the subject ‘Litter Bins 2019’.

The council added: “Due to budget constraints, it will not be possible to install bins at every suggested location.”

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