Volunteers work with street artist to revamp railway bridge in Netherfield covered with graffiti

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Volunteers have begun work with Network Rail and a street artist to transform a railway bridge in Netherfield covered with graffiti.

The team of volunteers work all year long to breathe life into the Poacher Line, a rural connecting Nottingham to Skegness.

Netherfield Station is one of the many stations on the line, along with Radcliffe, Bottesford and Grantham.

PICTURED: Volunteers work to cover up graffiti on the bridge (PHOTO: Network Rail/Poacher Line CRP)

The group recently set about revamping the bridge over the station in Netherfield, first covering up graffiti and then replacing it with new artwork.

London-based scenic artist Lionel Stanhope has been drafted in to create the new artwork on the sides of the bridge.

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Work is expected to be completed later this week.


  1. Now that we’ve all got access social media to express our thoughts and opinions, I do not understand why people still feel the need to metaphorically scream “Look at me, I exist” by daubing mostly unintelligible scribble on walls.
    Good to see people are replacing it with something more pleasing to look at, but it really shouldn’t be left to volunteers. I would have thought removing graffiti should be pretty high up on the council’s priority list seeing that it encourages other crimes due to its’ psychological effect.

  2. Is the finished design published? It would be interesting to see what has been included. It wasn’t just children from the school who sent in designs.


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