Police car at Victoria Retail Park in Netherfield
(IMAGE: Notts Police)

Police have seized a vehicle from Victoria Retail Park in Netherfield after discovering a car meet while out on patrol.

The neighbourhood and Specials policing teams have increased patrols in the area following reports of anti-social behaviour and car meets at the retail site off Colwick Loop Road.

The vehicle was seized last night (April 13) by police as the driver had no licence or insurance. He has now been reported for the offences.

The retail park used to be a hotspot for ‘car cruisers’ several years ago, with hundreds of vehicles meeting up to race against each other, perform stunts and blast music from car stereos and often went on into the early hours of the morning.

Tough new measures were secured through the courts back in January 2015 to ban the large gatherings .

Nottinghamshire County Council, with the support of Nottinghamshire Police and other community safety partners, secured an Injunction Order which banned the boy racers from a range of car cruising activity at the location.

Victoria Retail Park
PICTURED: Victoria Retail Park

Meets reported across Notts

Earlier this week police put a 24-hour dispersal order in place at East Midlands Parkway station following a large gathering on Sunday evening. 

300 vehicles were reportedly parked up at the railway station – with some drivers seen to be driving dangerously and at high speeds through nearby roads.

Around 50 car drivers had also earlier attended a cinema car park in Lenton and were safely dispersed by officers before moving on to the railway station

Neighbourhood Inspector Craig Berry said: “While we can of course understand people’s desire to want to be out with friends again, the government and our health colleagues remain cautious.

“We would like to remind people that we are not totally out of lockdown measures and Covid-19 still remains a threat. 

“We put this dispersal order on to provide officers with extra powers to deal with those breaking the law and causing antisocial behaviour.

“The authority enables us to seize vehicles as well as ban people from the area for up to 24 hours if they are causing or are likely to cause any issues.

“We are working with organisers, the local authority and other partners to make these events as safe and crime-free as possible.

“Where necessary, we will seize vehicles and issue fines under Coronavirus legislation. In addition to this action, we are working with nearby businesses to discuss changes that can be made to security arrangements which will prevent such gatherings in the future.

“We have issued tickets on various occasions in the past and we will continue to do so where appropriate.




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