Train operator warns passengers against travel to Skegness this weekend

 Train operator warns passengers against travel to Skegness this weekend
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If you’re thinking of travelling by train to Skegness this weekend, the advice is – don’t.

East Midlands Railway (EMR) is urging passengers not to travel to Skegness or other Lincolnshire destinations this weekend to help protect the local communities. 

Trains to Skegness run daily from Netherfield Station.

EMR has said it will be enforcing social distancing on trains to and from Skegness this weekend. This will reduce capacity by approximately 80% and as such, passengers who still choose to travel will be required to queue in the station and may face a wait of several hours to board a train.

There will be no additional trains or bus services provided. 

The train firm said this approach was in line with Government advice on the use of public transport – it should only be used by key workers or those who have absolutely no alternative means to make essential journeys, such as to and from work. 

PICTURED: Passengers can board services to Skegness from Netherfield Station (IMAGE: Gedling Eye)

Potential passengers are also reminded the vast majority of attractions and facilities in Skegness remain closed, including public toilets, parking, restaurants, hotels and other amenities. 

Neil Grabham, Customer Services Director at East Midlands Railway, said: “We are very proud to serve Skegness and during normal times we would do all we can to help encourage travel and support our local communities.

“Unfortunately, these are far from normal times and we have to take appropriate measures.

“We are helping to support our local partners to reflect their very clear message to potential visitors – now is not the time to visit. So please, stay away and protect the local communities of Skegness and Lincolnshire.”

Charlotte Goy, Interim CEO at Visit Lincoln, added: “At the moment we must work together to protect the Lincolnshire community and not overwhelm local services. It will be worth it, Lincolnshire is looking forward to welcoming you back when the time is right”.


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