Take a look inside new state-of-the-art GP surgery in Netherfield

 Take a look inside new state-of-the-art GP surgery in Netherfield

PICTURED: Outside the new medical centre on Ashwell Street in Netherfield (PICTURE: Gedling Eye)

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The finishing touches are being put in place at Netherfield‘s new state-of-the-art GP surgery before the much-anticipated opening on Monday (June 22).

The new multi-million pound facility will replace the current surgery on Forester Street and will provide greater capacity to meet an increasing demand for services now that several large housing estates are created in the area.

The surgery on Ashwell Street has 17 consultation and treatment rooms and a spacious patient waiting area with interactive digital screens to entertain children.

The new waiting area is almost complete (IMAGE: Gedling Eye)

It also boasts a new health education area with the latest technology which could be used as a space for baby clinics and other group sessions in the future.

The surgery team will be now be busy over the weekend moving furniture, patient records and equipment across from the current surgery in time for Monday’s opening.

Last minute preparations are being made ti the new reception are before Monday’s opening (IMAGE: Gedling Eye)

Once open, the new medical centre currently looks after 11,700 patients and hopes to welcome many more.

But despite the excitement, patients in the area will sadly have to wait a while longer yet before being able to get a glimpse inside the new building. Covid-19 restrictions mean only patients invited to the surgery following a phone or video consultation will be allowed access until the pandemic is over.

New interactive screens will keep children occupied as they wait for treatment (IMAGE: Gedling Eye)

Those who are invited into the centre are being reminded they must wear their own face coverings at all times.

Caitriona Kennedy, GP and senior partner at the Trentside Medical Group, said she was excited to be moving into the ‘stunning’ new building.

Patient records have been brought across from the surgery on Forester Road (PICTURE: Gedling Eye)

She said: “This new surgery shows commitment to the Netherfield community and will bring footfall into the heart of the town.

“The patient experience will be immeasurably improved, and we look forward to serving our existing patients and the new communities developing in Teal Close and other local residential developments.”

Furniture is being put together in the new health education space which will host classes and group clinics (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

It is estimated around 2,000 patients could join the practice from the new Rivendell estate over the coming years.

Dr Kennedy said she is now looking forward to being able to offer more services to patients at the new centre once covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Builders put the finishing touches in place at the new surgery (PICTURE: Gedling Eye)

She said: “We hope to extend our services once the covid situation is under control. We are lucky enough to have some new health education space in the new centre which may host some new ways of working for our multidisciplinary team to work with patients.

One of the new GP offices (PICTURE: Gedling Eye)

“Sadly, the current covid situation means we will have to continue with telephone triage and appointments will remain mainly by telephone, video link and email.

“We hope it will not be long until we are seeing more of our friends face to face.”

PICTURED: Outside the new centre at the Knight Street entrance



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    • Thanks for your comments, Mr Lawrence.

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  • How nice to see a comment responded to in such a comprehensive and thoughtful way! Well done Gedling Eye.

    The new surgery looks fabulous. I hope there will be plenty of signage so that you don’t end up wandering around looking and feeling lost. Entering a large new building can be quite intimidating if people are watching and you don’t know what you’re doing.

    So nice obvious signage and directions would be most welcome.

    Hope the move goes well

    • Thanks for the kind comment, Julia. Thanks for reading and have a good weekend

  • ‘Support Local’ covers a lot more areas than just shops. This is a local news page who keep us up to date with local events. I think it’s inevitable and totally acceptable that there will be adverts. I am quite happy to ignore these while supporting a local business, and not being made to pander to the ones out there who can afford to make it, only very slightly, less distracting.

    I love the Gedling Eye page, you keep doing what you’re doing. It’s fab

    • Very kind comments, Jennie. Much appreciated. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

  • Hey. Ignore that comment before as good job gedling eye. At least no pop ups and surveys like other news sites so a few ads for local news don’t bother me. Keep going lads

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