‘YOUR STREET COULD BE NEXT’: Rallying call to community ahead of public meeting on HMOs in Netherfield

Netherfield Against HMO Landlords, is asking people to to voice their views against the construction of a house of multiple occupancy in the town. 

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A campaign group is calling on the community to make their voices heard at a public event next week where the number of HMOs in Netherfield will be debated.

The group, called Netherfield Against HMO Landlords, is asking people to to voice their views against the construction of another house of multiple occupancy (HMO) in the town. 

The meeting was called after the planning application was submitted on Tuesday February 8. 

The proposal would see the creation of a new seven-bedroom HMO, including a rear dormer loft conversion on 49 Chandos Street, Netherfield.  

The event will be held on Thursday, March 3, at 7pm at St George’s Church on Victoria Road. 

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Gedling MP Tom Randall and local councillors have also been asked to attend the public meeting. 

St Georges Church Netherfield
PICTURED: The public meeting will be held at St George’s Church, pictured, in Netherfield

One of the organisers of the event, Russell Whiting said: “People in Netherfield have already shown their strong opposition to HMOs when previous applications were rejected by Gedling Borough Council.  

“Sadly, the developer can’t take the hint and is back to buy up more family homes in Netherfield to make maximum profit for himself.

“We understand the need for a mix of housing, so Gedling Borough Council should insist that developments have a range of options not just the large houses appearing all around us. 

“We need politicians to start taking action and we need the community to continue to show opposition. Once we lose these family homes, we won’t ever get them back.  

“Your street could be next, that’s why I urge everyone interested to come along to St George’s Church on Thursday”. 

A spokesperson for Gedling Borough Council said: “We can confirm an application for a change of use of an existing property into House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) has been submitted for Chandos Street Netherfield. A decision on the application is due to be made by the council in April.” 

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The developer, Justin Ingrey, has been approached for a comment but has declined to give a statement.  


  1. Keep them a way from Arnold. Our main town will not tolerate them and they should be aloud in Netherfield in my opinion but not Arnold


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