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Nottingham City Transport announce Red 44 bus timetable changes which come into effect this month

If you’re a regular passenger on the Red 44 and 44A service through Colwick, Netherfield and Gedling, you’ll need to be aware of same changes to its timetable.

From Monday, November 18, Nottingham City Transport will be making timetable changes on Mondays to Fridays to the 44 and 44A service.

The bus firm said then the changes were being made to ‘better reflect shift patterns for workers along their routes.’

Red 44

The changes are as follows…

  • The 16:36pm (44A) from Gedling to Nottingham City Centre is re-timed to operate 10-12 minutes earlier, passing through Colwick Industrial Estate at 16:39pm.
  • The 16:28pm (44) from Gedling will operate 10 minutes later.

NCT also said that the frequency of buses through Colwick Industrial Estate to the City Centre during the afternoon peak will now be more evenly spread, with a bus generally every 15 minutes combined across the 44A and 50.

New times will be: every 30 minutes until 15:54 (50), 16:11 (44A), 16:24 (50), 16:39 (44A), 16:54 (50), 17:09 (44A), 17:24 (50), 17:40 (44A), 17:54 (50), 18:11 (44A), 18:24 (50), 18:54 (50)

You can download the new Red 44 timetable here:

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