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Netherfield locals ‘disgusted’ after Sainsbury’s trolley and litter dumped at beauty spot

Plastic bags, cardboard, disposable barbecues and a Sainsbury’s supermarket trolley have been left behind at a Netherfield beauty spot – and locals are fuming.

The dumping was spotted at Netherfield Lagoons, a local beauty spot based off Teal Close, earlier today.

A group of volunteers who run the site say the rubbish will be removed ‘as soon as possible’ and are urging visitors to respect the site and take all their rubbish home with them.

Neil Slack, a local photographer from Netherfield who often visits the Lagoons, said: “It’s disgusting. People work really hard to try and make it a nice place for people to enjoy the wildlife and then you get scum bringing the rubbish down.”

Paul Ashdown lives in Colwick and walks his dog at the site. He said the dumping showed ‘ a lack of respect’.

PICTURED: Entrance to Netherfield Lagoons

“It’s a great site and mainly managed by volunteers,” he said.

“For someone to use this as a dumping ground really gets my goat.”

The site is run by Gedling Conservation Trust.

The Trust’s chairman Mark Glover said the dumping could endanger wildlife at the site.

He said: “It’s hugely disappointing to see extreme examples of littering like this at the Netherfield Lagoons and we will ensure that it is removed as soon as possible.

“We have noticed that there is now also a day-to-day increase in the level of litter on the site as more people visit. This is not just unsightly but litter is a direct danger to wildlife as small mammals and birds are often killed by getting trapped or tangled up in discarded bottles, cans and plastics.

He added: “We already have some fantastic volunteers who help clean up and maintain the nature reserve but more are always welcome and needed.”

To volunteer to help out at Netherfield Lagoons you can visit their website at: