MP and councillor launch survey to get opinions from residents on HMOs in Netherfield

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An MP and a local councillor are keen to hear the view of residents about the growing number of Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMOs) in Netherfield.

Gedling MP Tom Randall and Carlton East councillor Mike Adams have knocked on doors in the town to hear the opinions of residents.

They have also met with a protest group who are opposed to the creation of more HMOs in the town.

Now a survey has been launched by the MP to capture the views of more people in Netherfield.

You can take part in the survey here:

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Mr Randall said: “Netherfield’s County Councillor Mike Adams and I are keen to know what the community of Netherfield think about Houses of Mulitiple Occupancy (HMOs), so we’ve been knocking on doors and surveying residents.

“If you live in Netherfield, you can take part in the short survey on my website.”

Russel Whiting is a member of the Netherfield Against HMOs action group.

HMO public meeting Netherfield
A meeting was held between residents and council officers about HMOs earlier this month

He was pleased to be given the chance to share how people in the town are feeling about the growing numbers of HMOs in the town during a meeting with the MP and councillor.

On the group’s Facebook page he wrote: “We relayed the strength of feeling from the meeting and outlined the objections both to Chandos Street in particular but the growth HMOs in the community more broadly.

“Tom has put this survey together and I’d urge everyone to do it, get partners to do it, get friends and neighbours to do it.

“Let’s keep the pressure up until we get Article 4”.

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Feeling has been growing in the town since it was revealed a new HMO was planned for a property on Chandos Street.

There are calls for Article 4 to be introduced that would see all HMOs requiring planning permission, not just those with six rooms or more.

Mr Randall said he would be sharing the results with Gedling Borough Council who are responsible for planning in Netherfield.


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