PICTURED: A car seized by officers for having no tax during the recent days of action

Police in Gedling borough have ramped up foot and car patrols in a bid to crackdown on vehicle crimes and burglaries in the community after concerns were raised by residents.

Plain clothes and high-visibility uniformed officers from Gedling South Neighbourhood Policing Team have been carrying out proactive patrols in hot-spot areas recently targeted by criminals during three days of action to crack down on anti-social behaviour, vehicle crime and burglary.

Officers took part in an operation in and around the Victoria Retail Park in Netherfield and surrounding areas last Friday night (April 9, 2021) responding to reports of anti-social driving and car cruisers.

Officers carried out vehicle stops and checks, engaged with drivers and checked on the condition of modified vehicles. 

Several letters were given to drivers behaving irresponsibly explaining that their details will be recorded and that should they come to the police’s attention again for similar complaints then Section 59 warning notices will be issued.

Utilising Section 59 powers means that if the anti-social driving/riding continues after the warning is issued police have the power to seize vehicles. 

The police team also did a letter drop around areas that had reported incidents of vehicle crime, providing reassurance to residents and offering advice on how/when to make contact with the police.

Officers also attended a couple of incidents of reported Covid-19 breaches. As a result five fixed penalty notices were issued. 

PICTURED: Police teams armed with speed guns (PICTURE: Nottinghamshire Police)

During the course of one night, two stop searches were conducted under the Misuse of Drugs Act and a vehicle was also searched.

As a result of the searches some cannabis was seized and a fine was issued to the vehicle owner.

Nine vehicles were seized by the team for having no tax or insurance and two traffic offence reports issued to drivers. A stolen vehicle was also located and recovered.

Officers also went out with the speed gun in areas where complaints have been received from residents and three drivers were warned about their driving.

Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant Becky O’Connor said: “We have had a really productive few days and the team have worked incredibly hard, being proactive as well as answering calls for service. 

“We are continuing to focus upon priorities which our local residents and businesses have told us matter most to them and which are causing misery in our communities.

“We treat all reports of anti-social behaviour, vehicle crime and burglary with the utmost importance and we’re asking people to continue to tell us about any incidents or concerns so we can investigate and take appropriate action.

“As part on our ongoing work we have also been conducting plain clothes and high visibility patrols to combat shoplifting, working with our retail partners as more restrictions lift and more retail premises open.

“We will be working closely with retail partners to support them, providing crime prevention advice, and we will deal robustly with shop theft perpetrators. 

“The team have also been making contact with licensed premises on our area in preparation for their re-opening.

“We will continue our proactive work to tackle issues of concern, working closely together with our partners at Gedling Borough Council, and as our recent activity has shown we will act on information provided to us in order to make our streets safer.

“Criminal behaviour will not be tolerated in the Gedling borough and we will continue to target offenders who persist in causing harm and misery in our communities.

“We’re asking people to continue to tell us about any incidents or talk to us regarding any concerns so we can investigate and take appropriate action.

“Any information can be reported to Nottinghamshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. In an emergency call 999.”



  1. What an absolute joke!

    The police have been informed about this road racing between Netherfield Retail Park and Lowdham most weeks, particularly during lockdown but have zero about it.

    It is every single night between around 8pm and midnight but they send out officers to carry out speed enforcement in the middle of the day when its not happening, just as a tick box excercise.

    It is common knowledge they are sitting in their cars smoking dope on the retail park with their mates, then racing and the Police have done nothing. Even when you call them, give them details of cars showing no MOT with idiots sitting smoking dope, they still don’t bother.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if they were hard to spot but the exhausts are clearly illegal and most of the idiots have lights underneath their car, lit up like clown cars!

    When a fatality occurs, which will happen soon if these clowns aren’t clamped down on, i will be the first to inform the media of every occasion this has been reported to the Police but nothing done.


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