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Fears raised over ‘dangerous’ crossings in Netherfield town centre


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Residents and business owners have raised road safety concerns over “dangerous” pedestrian crossings in Netherfield town centre

They fear someone may be killed or seriously injured on the double crossings at the junction of Victoria Road and Meadow Road.

Residents and businesses in the town say they contacted the council in the past about the crossings but no action has yet been taken.

David Murphy runs the It’s Inn The Bank pub with wife Nicola. Both crossings are situated on the stretch of road outside their business.

He says he witnesses incidents on the crossings almost daily.

Mr Murphy said:”If someone stood here at these crossings for over an hour they would see someone nearly being run over.

“The problem here in Netherfield is you have one crossing and then as vehicles come round the corner there is another.

“Sometimes people who haven’t ever been in this area go straight through the second crossing. They see there is nobody on the first crossing and come round this corner like a chicane and go flying through the second one.

“When I am going to and fro to my van at least once or twice a weekend a car will go through while I am halfway on the crossing. I always laugh and say that if they hit me they’ll probably write their van off but we’ve got older and vulnerable people and we’ve got children and even worse, mums with prams using the crossings and cars are whipping round the corners so dangerously.

Netherfield crossings
PICTURED: The crossing on Meadow Road in Netherfield (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

“I think the council needs to put up some major signage telling drivers there are two pedestrian crossings in this area. They need to come and do something because we’ve been talking about it for years and we’re going to end up talking about someone getting seriously injured, or worse – killed.

Stephen Swinn lives in Gedling and visits Netherfield on a regular basis. He told Gedling Eye he fears someone will soon be seriously hurt on these crossings if action isn’t taken.

He said: “I have grave concerns that many drivers in Netherfield are showing a complete disregard to these pedestrian crossings.

“Many think its acceptable to proceed over these two crossings even when in use by pedestrians.

“I did witness a very mature lady using the crossing here and being missed by inches.

“Only this weekend I had a near miss while using this crossing when two cars didn’t stop.”

“Sadly I can see a situation where someone is killed by these actions.”

Alan Groves visits his daughter in the town and often takes his grandaughter out to the local shops.

“You’re risking you life when you use those crossings. Some drivers see I have a young child with me and still don’t stop,” he said.

“They need signs up warning people about the two crossings and a CCTV camera capturing the numberplate of those that ignore the fact someone is using them.”

Councillor Mike Adams represents Carlton East, which covers Netherfield, on Nottinghamshire County Council and are responsible for roads in the county.

He is also vice chairman of the council’s Transport and Environment Committee.

Councillor Adams said he was ‘sorry to hear of this’ problem and ‘would help and get involved’.

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  1. Well done David Murphy and Stephen. This problem needs highlighting. It’s a dangerous place and I hope the council take steps

  2. I e-mailed our MP a long time ago about this but have no come back it’s about time something was sorted before some one is killed on these crossings
    i have seen people nearly run over when they are half way across the crossings,

  3. Don’t forget that there is also a mini round about as well so you have to look out for cars entering the round about

  4. Rule of thumb, never assume some driver approaching the crossing will stop. They don’t. Don’t start to cross until both sides traffic has come to a halt.

  5. It’s challenging for both pedestrians and drivers. I’m do both in the area, and it’s difficult to get clear vision as it’s so busy, and can be obstructed by buses. Everybody needs to focus in the area. Would raised crossings on small ramps be the answer?

  6. Actually, I have realised there are already small ramps on the crossings, but they are smaller than the general pot holes in the area and therefore I hadn’t noticed them previously!


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