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Council site visit planned to review safety at ‘dangerous’ Netherfield crossings


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A local councillor has requested a visit from council safety teams so they can assess dangers at two pedestrian crossings in Netherfield town centre.

Councillor Mike Adams, who represents Carlton East on Nottinghamshire County Council, made the request after fears were raised by residents and business owners about two pedestrian crossings at the junction of Victoria Road and Meadow Road.

They fear someone will be killed as motorists are unaware of a second crossing as they speed round the corner at the junction after going through the first.

David Murphy, who is landlord at the town’s It’s Inn The Bank pub, witnesses near collisions between cars and pedestrians almost daily.

He said:”If someone stood here at these crossings for over an hour they would see someone nearly being run over.

Netherfield pedestrian crossings
PICTURED: It’s Inn The Bank landlord David Murphy next to one of the pedestrian crossings on Meadow Road in Netherfield

“The council needs to come and do something because we’ve been talking about it for years and we’re going to end up talking about someone getting seriously injured, or worse – killed.”

Resident Stephen Swinn also voiced concerns.

He said: “I had a near miss while using this crossing when two cars didn’t stop.”

“Sadly I can see a situation where someone is killed by these actions.”

Gedling Eye got in touch with Councillor Adams, who has now taken action.

He has raised concerns with road chiefs at Nottinghamshire County Council, who manager the county’s roads.

He said: “I have today been in contact with our highways department and they take concerns like these seriously.

“I have requested a site visit and review with our road safety team to see what can be done.

“As I am sure you are aware, driver behaviour is something we cannot control but we will look at any additional ways we can help educate drivers further if the issue is not a technical one.”

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  1. Speed table for the entire junction, 2 metres either side of crossing outer edge. Black and yellow nylon speed bump strips bolted on to the surface either side of the zebras. It’ll MASSIVELY slow people down and cut the rate of near misses. Might also cut the night time speed racer behaviour.

    Also need to get a pedestrian controlled traffic light crossing (puffin) outside the Carlton Pentecostal before someone gets mowed down crossing on the bend.


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