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Council issues response following urgent calls for action over ‘dangerous’ pedestrian crossings in Netherfield town centre


Nottinghamshire County Council has responded to road safety concerns raised by Netherfield residents using pedestrian crossings in the town centre.

The response comes following multiple reports of people being involved in near misses on the double crossings at the junction of Victoria Road and Meadow Road.

Netherfield crossings
PICTURED: One of the crossings on Meadow Road in Netherfield (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

People local to the area have said that the issue “has been going on for far too long” and that action needs to be taken before it is too late.

Lynn Turner, who works at Nisa Local on Victoria Road, said that she witnesses people nearly being run over every day.

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The 67-year-old said: “This has been going on for far too long.

“People come in all the time and say ‘I was just missed’.

“I was there when a car actually hit a person once.

“My partner also came in the shop and said a car had just missed him, he was very angry.

“Another customer I had last week was stood at the counter and he was shaking.

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“He said a car actually shaved past his chest.

“It’s very bad.”

Mary Gibson, 62, owns the Pure Aroma shop on Meadow Road and is also worried about the crossings.

She said: “On Meadow Road the cars come speeding round the corner from Victoria Road all the time.

“Yesterday a car nearly hit me when I was halfway across the road as it was going that fast.

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“The crossing on the corner is just as bad as the cars come speeding round from Meadow Road.

“I have a shop on Meadow Road and have often seen people having a near miss.

“Someone from the council should come down and see for themselves.”

County Hall Nottinghamshire
INSPECTION: Councillors say they have been to see the crossings and will review the site again in the coming months

Cheryl Brown, based in nearby Colwick, has to walk with an elbow crutch because of her disability, which makes crossing the road even more challenging.

She said: “I was crossing from the It’s Inn the Bank pub side to the opposite pavement and, halfway across, a car came whizzing around the corner heading for Colwick.

“I automatically stopped because I could see the driver wouldn’t be able to stop without hitting me if I carried on walking.

“She saw me last minute and looked shocked.

“She put her hand up to me and just carried on.

“It scared me to death and her also I believe.”

Michelle Wilson-Tolley, 52, who lives in Netherfield and has an autistic son aged 11, warned about the crossings in the Jackie Bells play area, also located on Victoria Road.

She said: “All the crossings need looking at, especially Jackie Bells playground area.

“Motorists put their foot down and speed up then raise their hand as much to say sorry all the time.”

Gary Wood is Head of Transport and Highways for Nottinghamshire County Council, which is responsible for roads in the county.

He told Gedling Eye: “We are aware of the issues faced by pedestrians and we have already taken several steps to improve the crossings over recent years.

“The crossings are located on road humps, with illuminated poles and LED beacons to ensure the crossings can be seen in all light conditions.

“We recently reviewed the crossings to consider whether any further improvements could be made and continue to actively monitor the locations for any accidents, as we do with roads across Nottinghamshire.”

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  1. As a netherfield resident I’ve had many near misses over the years, but I try make sure the traffic stops each way before I walk out, even if that means a little wait. I’ve also had times where its been totally clear and had to stop on the crossing to let’s speeding cars pass by.
    I too have been driving and also had near misses with pedestrians, especially Jackie Bells as people tend to be walking, make a sharp 90 degree turn on to the crossing and expect you to stop dead for them. What happened to waiting for the car to stop before stepping out?

  2. Gary Wood – there are no speed bumps on the two crossings discussed. And are you monitoring until a fatality occurs?


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