Balsam bashers continue mission to fight off ‘evil’ invaders at Ouse Dyke

 Balsam bashers continue mission to fight off ‘evil’ invaders at Ouse Dyke

Volunteers clear the Ouse Dyke of balsam

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A fighting force of volunteers are close to taking back control of a waterway in Netherfield from an evil invader who has been terrorising local inhabitants for years.

The group have been recruited by Gedling Conservation Society to help bash down balsam at Ouse Dyke.

Himalayan balsam grows rapidly and spreads quickly, smothering other vegetation as it goes.It tolerates low light levels and also shades out other vegetation.

It has now been revealed the efforts of the volunteers are paying off, with experts believing the borough could soon be free of the invader, which grows quickly and smothers our indigenous plants.

The plant was introduced to the UK in 1839 and quickly escaped into the wild. Our native species now simply can’t compete for survival on waterways where the plant is prevalent.

PICTURED: Himalayan balsam

As well as targeting Ouse Dyke, they have also been removing the plants from an area of land near Mapperley Golf Course.

Mark Glover from Gedling Conservation Trust said he was delighted by the progress and hopes the borough could soon be balsam free..

He said: “We made so much progress last year, it would be great to maintain the momentum.

“Chris Jackson from the Notts Biodiversity Action Group believes, if we stick at it, Gedling could become a Balsam free zone. What an achievement that would be.

“It is imperative we continue to eradicate the plants from the golf course as well as to repeat the clearance at the Ouse Dyke.

Those taking part in the bashing are social distancing while carrying out the work.

Latest phone and virtual surgery dates announced by Gedling MP Tom Randall

Volunteers are needed to join the balsam bash tomorrow (June 27) at Teal Close from 2.30pm

Call Mark on 07850 768337 if you want to volunteer and lend a hand.


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