JUST PURRFECT: Netherfield Co-op cat gets luxury new shelter from kind-hearted locals as cold weather kicks in

 JUST PURRFECT: Netherfield Co-op cat gets luxury new shelter from kind-hearted locals as cold weather kicks in

PICTURED: Minnie the cat pictured in her new shelter outside the Co-op on Victoria Road

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What’s new pussycat? A luxury new shelter for you outside your favourite haunt in Netherfield, that’s what.

Minnie the infamous Co-op cat is feline fine after being treated to a new second home by kind hearted people in the local community.

The cat had been sheltering from the cold weather in a basket placed outside the store on Victoria Road, but will now be able to spend her days in comfort after the new shelter appeared outside the Co-op yesterday.

Popular Co-op cat, Minnie, is pictured in her shelter (PICTURE: Gedling Eye)

And to ensure no one is in doubt about who the new shelter is intended for, a large ‘M’ has been placed just above the door.

The shelter was constructed by Steven and Sharon Bramley.

Sharon told Gedling Eye: My husband Steven Bramley built it for Minnie as we were worried about her getting cold or wet now winter is setting in.

“We hope that the owners will have peace of mind that she’s protected from all weathers now.

She added: “I know the owner’s son George misses his cat and we hope that seeing his cat in her own little palace will give him comfort .”

Minnie has become a local celebrity in recent months after appearing outside the store where she is fussed by locals and also offered food and treats.

Minnie the cat has caught the imagination of locals. This is a picture by young Netherfield resident, Freya, aged five

But the crafty cat isn’t homeless – as many believe. Minnie actually has a home and family in the town and her owners are now pleading with the public to stop fussing her so she spends more time at home.

Owner Ben Blower told Gedling Eye: “It’s lovely that people want to do this, but I’m asking them to stop because my children feel like their pet has been stolen. Minnie is a family pet and needs to return home.

He added: “It would be better if people stopped buying pots of cat food for Minnie as she gets up to seven pots given to her on some days.

“I’d rather they gave the money they are spending on our cat to a local charity helping local schools or the homeless instead.”

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  • For gods sakes people stop feeding others people cats! This is happening all to often and they do have families!

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