NCT buses in Gedling borough will start accepting contactless payments this month – here’s what to expect

 NCT buses in Gedling borough will start accepting contactless payments this month – here’s what to expect
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Passengers using Nottingham City Transport bus services in Gedling borough will soon be able to make contactless payments to travel.

The bus firm has announced that those buying adult pay as you go tickets will be able to use a contactless payment card or mobile device to make a payment from mid-September.

Here’s what to expect when the payment system is introduced on our services…

Which tickets will be available on Contactless?

Contactless payments will be for adult pay as you go travel only. 

If you are travelling in a group, each adult will need to use a separate contactless card or device to pay for their journey

All other tickets are on sale using the NCTX app or you can pay using cash.

All other tickets will be available using contactless payment during the next phase.

How does it work?

Passengers won’t need to ask the driver for a ticket when making a contactless payment, as the system will automatically calculate the best price for the journeys you make during a day

When boarding the bus, passengers need to remove their contactless card from your wallet or purse to avoid card clash.

You will then simply tap your contactless card or mobile device on the green reader each time you board the bus, wait for the green light to show your payment has been accepted and then take a seat. 

People must you use the same contactless card or mobile device for all of their journeys on the same day. NCT say that using different contactless cards or mixing contactless cards and mobile devices (even where the mobile device uses the same card details as the contactless card), will prevent day caps being applied and you will be charged a higher price.

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At the end of each day, NCT will deduct one payment from your account, so you’re guaranteed to pay the best price for your travel. These deductions usually show on your bank statement after a couple of days. You can view your journey history on the Nottingham Contactless website.

You may have missed…

How much will it cost?

Each bus stop is located in a Zone and the price you pay is a set fare based on the Zone you board the bus and present your contactless card or device, not the distance you travel.

For the majority of our customers, all of your journeys will be in Zone A, which is the Greater Nottingham area.

For passengers travelling wholly within the Outer Area (Zones B, C, D), you must continue to pay for your travel on the bus with cash (exact fare), on the app or using an Easyrider card.

Here are the zones….

and here is what you will pay…

Those wanting to know more about contactless payments can contact Nottingham City Transport by emailing: For other queries about Nottingham Contactless, please email [email protected]

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