NCT borough bus services will now accept contactless pay-as-you-go payments following successful trial

 NCT borough bus services will now accept contactless pay-as-you-go payments following successful trial
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Pay as you go contactless payments will now be accepted on Nottingham City Transport Gedling borough bus services after a successful trial.

Ahead of today’s launch (September 29), over 600 customers have been trialling the contactless system over the past month, where it achieved a 96% satisfaction score amongst the participants in a post-trial survey. 

With exact cash fares required on all NCT bus routes, contactless offers a cashless way for adults to travel, with passengers simply tapping their contactless bank card or mobile device on the card reader as they board each bus and then take their seat.

The system automatically calculates the best fare for a customer based on their journeys each day, with customers travelling around Nottingham guaranteed never to pay more than the NCT all day ticket price. When leaving the bus, there’s no need to tap off either.

Overnight the system adds up all of the journeys a customer has made during the day and then deducts the money direct from a customer’s bank account.

Customers who use NCT Buses to the Outer Area, such as Loughborough and Southwell, can also make Nottingham Contactless payments and can check their prices and zones on the Nottingham Contactless website –

Red 44 bus
Contactless will now be available on buses in the borough

With no tickets issued on bus, customers who pay with a contactless card can view their transaction and journey details on the Nottingham Contactless website. Customers who pay for their journeys on their mobile phone or smart watch can check their Apple Pay or Google Pay account to view transaction details.

NCT Marketing and Communications Director, Nicola Tidy said, “The launch of adult pay as you go contactless payments on NCT buses offers our customers another cashless, convenient way to pay for their bus journeys. By simply tapping their contactless card or device on the bus each time they board, the contactless system does the hard work by adding up their journeys and charging customers based on their journeys during the day”.

This first phase of contactless payments is for adult pay as you go journeys, with contactless for other ticket types, such as students, groups, under 19s, short hops and even dog tickets to be made available in the next phase.

NCT are the first operator to offer contactless payments as part of the ‘Nottingham Contactless’ scheme, with the City Council’s Linkbus and NET trams to follow.

Once all operators are on board by early 2021, Nottingham Contactless will be the UK’s first multi-modal and multi-operator contactless system outside of London.

Full details about how to make contactless payments on NCT buses along with the prices, caps and zones for journeys and where to view transactions are available at


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