NatWest customers in Gedling borough warned about new fake text scam

 NatWest customers in Gedling borough warned about new fake text scam
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NatWest customers in Gedling brough are being warned about a new sophisticated scam which puts fake texts into genuine message threads.

Scam-busters Action Fraud said they have received a number of reports about the scam – which is known as smishing – that tries to trick the victim into handing over their bank details.

Fraudsters behind the scam are using specialist software to alter the sender ID on a message so that it appears to be from NatWest, and is then added to an existing chain on the victim’s phone.

Those who click the link are taken to an exact replica of the NatWest’s website, which will then ask you to put in your personal details and bank information, including your PIN numbers and debit card numbers.

The criminals behind the scam will then use these details to raid your account.

Some victims have also received calls purporting to be from NatWest after receiving these scam text messages.

One woman reported receiving a fake text message like the ones above that urged her to “avoid account suspension” – which she ignored.

SCAM: The fake message appears among genuine ones from your bank

Later on that day she received a call from a withheld number on her mobile phone from a fraudster posing as a member of the NatWest security team. The fraudster said she would be sent a text message with a 6 digit security code and once she received it to immediately tell him what that code was.

The text came through instantly whilst she was still on the phone and she gave the fraudster the code. This was in fact a genuine NatWest message which contained a warning not to disclose the code.

The victim then got a real text from NatWest to say a different mobile number to her own had been registered to her NatWest mobile banking app. After the victim immediately checked her app she found £130 had been removed via the Get Cash function. NatWest are investigating the fraud.

A spokesperson for Action Fraud said: ” These fraudsters are using specialist software which alters the sender ID on the message so that it appears as if it’s come from NatWest, adding it to any existing message threads on the recipient’s phone.

“If you already bank with NatWest and had a legitimate message from them in the past this could easily catch you out. It seems to be targeting individuals regardless of whether they are customers of NatWest or not.

“This Scam is known as smishing. Smishing is when criminals pretend a message is from your bank or another organisation you trust. They will usually tell you there has been fraud on your account and will ask you to deal with it by calling a number or visiting a fake website to update your personal details.”

If you have fallen victim to a scam, call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040


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