MP wins battle over access to land for walkers in Calverton

A local MP has battled to ensure walkers in Calverton will soon be able to again access to a popular walkway on land which was recently fenced off.

Mark Spencer, who is local Member of Parliament for Sherwood has helped secure a new gate for walkers wanting to access the land adjacent to Hollinwood Lane path. It was recently been fully fenced off, which prompted a number of residents to contact Mr Spencer to call for action.

The MP got in touch with the landowner and the Woodland Trust to find out why access had been restricted and also get it restored as soon as possible.

PICTURED: The fence blocking access to land in Calverton

Mr Spencer said: “A number of local residents and dog walkers from Calverton got in touch to let me know that the field had been fenced off and see if there was there anything we could try and do to get it altered for walkers.”

“So I got in contact with both the Woodland Trust and with Langridge Estate Ltd to find out exactly what was occurring, and what could be done to help the local residents. I was also in contact with the two local Borough Cllrs, Jane Walker and Boyd Elliot, who were both eager to try and get this resolved.”

PICTURED: Mark Spencer MP

“Langridge were very understanding and were very happy to work with me and the Woodland Trust. I’m pleased to say the result is that Langridge and the Woodland Trust have organised for a ‘kissing style gate’ to be erected in a location that means walkers will still be able to have some access.”

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He added: “I want to thank everyone that’s been involved, including Langridge Estates, the Woodland Trust, the County Council and all the local residents. It just shows that if you work with groups and organisations, you can get a positive outcome.”

Gedling Borough councillor, Jane Walker worked with Mark to help secure the gate.

She said: “As someone who lives in Calverton and walks my dog around the village, I’m really pleased that we’ve been able to help secure a gate up at Hollinwood Lane. I know my collie, Jake, will be very happy!”

The MP said he will update residents on his Facebook page,, and on his website when the gate is built.

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  1. I’ve reared less piggy looking swine! Funny isn’t it how they had to Photoshop him next to the gate… maybe it’s because at the time of this articles publication he has never been -typical politician.

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