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MP and councillors meet to discuss plans for fourth Trent crossing at Colwick

Gedling MP Tom Randall said that the crossing could reduce traffic congestion in Colwick, Burton Joyce, Netherfield and Stoke Bardolph.

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A local MP and councillors met yesterday to discuss plans for a fourth Trent crossing at Colwick.

Gedling MP Tom Randall met with Nottinghamshire County Council leader Ben Bradley, the Council’s Committee Chairman for Transport and Environment, Cllr Neil Clarke and county councillor for Carlton East Mike Adams at the site

A fourth Trent crossing is a project that has long been spoken about. After surveying residents in Colwick, Netherfield, Burton Joyce and Stoke Bardolph, Tom Randall MP and Cllr Mike Adams found there is a public appetite for a crossing and said they are keen to see it progress.

Mr Randall said that a new crossing could help reduce traffic congestion in Colwick, Burton Joyce, Netherfield and Stoke Bardolph.

He also thought it could shorten journey times for commuters and create new jobs and business opportunities in the area by improving links to the A52 and A46

John Clarke Gedling
PICTURED: Cllr Jon Clarke, leader of Gedling Borough Council has also called for a crossing in Colwick

Randall said that although the meeting was positive, bringing a bridge to the area could be ‘a long way off’.

He said: ““Transport issues are complex and take time to deliver but there was a good, meaningful discussion on Tuesday about potential ways to take this project forward.

“Off the back of this meeting I will be speaking to Government and to other key bodies in the region to continue work on this so that progress can be made towards building a fourth Trent crossing in Colwick.”

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Gedling Borough Council leader John Clarke has also backed calls for a fourth crossing to be built.

Last year he said the city ‘can’t afford not to build’ another bridge.

Clarke also favours Colwick as a location for a fourth crossing.

He said: “It should be a bridge of the future, with capacity for road, pedestrians, bicycles and eventually a tram line.”

Is a fourth crossing needed at Colwick? Let us know in the comments section below

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  1. Lived in BJ 45 years, same discussion gets recycled nearly every year. Shame nothing gets done about it.

  2. It’s about time something was done on Duke street Arnold, and made it a one way only system, the cars get worse for such a narrow road, and become a nightmare if cars come both directions as you cannot get out onto Mansfield road anymore no point in it being 2way . Is there any reason why it cannot be made into up only road or even permit only to cut the amount of traffic on there, we have a club at top of road but he doesn’t allow cars to park unless going into the club without charging. I dont drive but have a child and the roads become dangerous for all kids living on it.

  3. In your report it says: ‘Mr Randall said that a new crossing could help reduce traffic congestion in Colwick, Burton Joyce, Netherfield and Stoke Bardolph.’

    I think the key word is ‘could’. Where is the evidence? The estimated cost for a bridge would be £66 million which, as we know from such projects, is likely to go up substantially.

    The last thing we need here in Gedling is another costly vanity project.

    We face a climate emergency and it is time our political leaders woke up to this and looked at sustainable public transport projects and solutions and not waste time on expensive, damaging and potentially pointless bridges.

    There is already a fourth Trent crossing at Colwick – the fantastic 1860 rail bridge that currently carries too few, too empty, trains. A cheaper, more frequent train service would be a better approach to this issue.

  4. If there had been any forethought the new GAR junction on the A612 would have been a cross roads to allow a new road to go to the A52 at Saxondale. 4.5 miles in a straight line

  5. I have been travveling from Gedling to Keyworth every day for over 30 years. This bridge is discussed every year, but nothing ever happens.


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