REED POND NATURE RESERVE: MP calls on wildlife group to keep site in Lambley open to the public

 REED POND NATURE RESERVE: MP calls on wildlife group to keep site in Lambley open to the public

PICTURED: Reed Pond Nature Reserve. Inset, Mark Spencer MP

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A local MP is calling on a wildlife group to reconsider plans to sell off Reed Pond nature reserve in Lambley.

Last week Gedling Eye revealed Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust are planning to auction off the site due to lack of funds to maintain its upkeep.

The site is a popular beauty spot and also home to wildlife, including birds and fish.

The decision sparked outrage in the local community, with residents criticising the Trust, who were given the land by previous owners the Burks family to keep it in public use.

MP for Sherwood, Mark Spencer has now raised concerns about plans to sell off the nature reserve, which lies in his constituency.

He also revealed that the Trust are planning to auction off the Osmanthorp Orchard nature reserve in Edingley – also in the Sherwood constituency.

Reeds Pond Nature Reserve (PICTURE: David Hallam-Jones)

The Trust have said that both sites would be sold off through an auction process.

Mr Spencer said he is now lobbying the Trust to keep both sites open.

He said: “I have been contacted by many residents over the last couple of weeks regarding these two fabulous natures reserves which are currently owned by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. It is regrettable that NWT are to have the two sites valued and then sold through an auction.”

“I am reassured that Reed Pond in particular is not for development and that NWT are assuring me that they want the sites to stay in use for public enjoyment.

“I am disappointed that NWT have chosen to sell these two sites and the feeling of dismay and concern amongst residents of Lambley and Edingley just shows that nature reserves are there for the people to use and enjoy and therefore it may be possible to think about getting ‘community bids’ together and of course all Parish Councils are on-board and aware of the situation.”

Mark Spencer MP

The MP is now advised local residents to get in touch with both him and the Wildlife Trust to let them know their feelings on the proposed sell off of the nature reserves.

He added: “I am liaising with NWT and local Parish Councils and will keep constituents up to date via press releases and social media.”

Last week a spokesman for Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust said the decision had been ‘difficult’

He said: “Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust can confirm that we have advised Lambley Parish Council of our decision to offer the land adjacent to Reed Pond House Lambley for sale.

“This very difficult decision has been made because we need to prioritise our commitments and generate additional funds to ensure our work across the county remains sustainable.

“We recognise this decision has caused considerable concern locally but claims that we are selling the land to developers are misleading. The land is not being sold as a development site.

He added: “No date has been set for the sale and we expect to have further dialogue with the Parish Council next week.

“We hope to find a solution whereby the site’s wildlife interest can be retained, but we do need to sell the land.”

  • Should the land be sold for auction? What can be done to keep it open? Let us know in the comments section below.
Gedling Eye Reporter

Gedling Eye Reporter


  • No Sorry you dont get away with that – lack of funds v selling off–you can just leave it alone and allow Nature to be in control till funds become available – you dont sell a reserve because it may go wild -What money grabbing betrayal. Not to be TRUSTed with wildlife more like

  • NWT were GIVEN the land in good faith and now want to sell it? Unbelievable. Can they lawfully do this – did the family who donated this land not legally stipulate it could not be sold?
    Money is the root of all evil.

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