‘We’ve had a people’s vote’: MEP hits out at campaigners heading to Arnold

 ‘We’ve had a people’s vote’: MEP hits out at campaigners heading to Arnold

AN MEP has today hit out at a group of campaigners heading to Arnold today (2) calling for a People’s Vote on Brexit plans being proposed by the government.

Margot Parker is an MEP for the East Midlands.

She told Gedling Eye that a vote has already been won by people who want to leave the European Union.

She told us: “I note that a group calling for a vote on a final deal for Brexit are heading to Arnold today to gather support for the so-called People’s Vote Campaign.

“Might I point out we had a ‘people’s vote’ in 2016 and it was won by those people wishing to leave the European Union.

She added: “Democracy must be upheld.

PICTURED: people baking the campaign in Nottingham City Centre

Mrs Parker was selected number two MEP candidate for UKIP East Midlands region during the 2014 European Parliament elections and took up her seat alongside Roger Helmer.

She was recently appointed to the role of deputy chairperson of UKIP.

Mrs Parker added: “Remember, there are 164 countries trading under World Trade Organisation rules and from day one – March 30 – we can be liberated and trade freely.

“Let us have pride in our country and wonderful entrepreneurs and business people we have by investing in our country and in its people.

“Brexit offers us a fantastic opportunity – so let’s get on with what the British people voted for and embrace it.”

Campaigners for a People’s Vote will be taking to the streets of Arnold later today to encourage people to write to their MPs asking them to let voters decide what should happen next over Brexit.

Members of the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire People’s Vote Campaign say the government has lost control of the process and Parliament cannot agree on a way forward, and they think the only sensible option is to go back and consult voters.

Gedling Eye Reporter

Gedling Eye Reporter


  • And the vote was based on false promises and lies by the Brexiteers.
    Now we know more about the consequences of leaving the EU it would be appropriate to have a vote baron on reality.

  • Let us face facts. The “people’s vote” is backed by globalist fanatics who despise Britain and the British people. They claim Brexiteers lied, but their own side was far worse. They lied on an industrial scale and were backed by the entire establishment and media. They still lost. They have lied and scaremongered for the last three years. Their vile campaign will end in defeat and they are held in utter contempt by all normal Britons. They do not want another referendum. They wish for Britain to remain in the EU, and they serve a foreign master.

    • Centrally Recycled Agricultural Product.

      • Oh well argued. All you have is hysterical scaremongering and insults. You are truly pathetic.

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