Mapperley woman ‘duped’ pensioner out of £1,000

 Mapperley woman ‘duped’ pensioner out of £1,000
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A cleaner fleeced a Mapperley pensioner out of £1,000 by changing the amount on a cheque for her own gain to pay for clothes, flowers and funeral costs for her late mother. 

The woman hired the cleaner to help round the house after suffering with a bad back and had not long been widowed. 

The cleaner also attempted to take £4,000 out of the woman’s bank account by copying her signature on another cheque. 

The money was spent money on items for herself as well as paying for her late mother’s funeral. The victim had even generously given her £260 around the same time to assist towards the costs. 

Ann Marie Herrington, 56, of Caunton Avenue in Mapperley, pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud by false representation and has been given a 14 months prison sentence, suspended for 12 months at Nottingham Crown Court.

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The charges relate to incidents of fraud by false representation between 16 July 2018 and 4 August 2018 where the victim employed Herrington as a cleaner.

The £1,000 was paid out of her bank account without her knowledge. The victim queried this at her local bank after only finding out of the fraudulent moves after reading her banking statements.

Thankfully, the second cheque was not honoured due to the insufficient funds in the victim’s bank account. 

The elderly woman confronted Herrington, who lied and said ‘You said that you would lend me £1,000’, which proved to be the final communication between the pair.

Investigator Karam Kaur led the investigation. She said: “Herrington was charged with two fraudulent cheques to the combined value of £5,000.

“The victim was a vulnerable elderly woman who required help and support of a cleaner after she suffered with a bad back and had not long been widowed. Herrington was hired and the victim trusted her, unfortunately she went on to break that trust.

 “Thankfully the amount has since been reimbursed by the bank.

“Investigating officers asked Herrington to provide handwriting samples, which helped with their enquiries.

“Fraud can happen to anyone. 

“We are committed to investigating reports of fraud and will endeavour to bring those responsible for fraud to justice.

“It is important that people report all fraud to Action Fraud or, if you believe a fraudster is at your home or business, call Nottinghamshire Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.”  

To report fraud, head to


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