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Free postage offer to borough residents buying new Notts crime novel from Mapperley publisher

PICTURED: Jacques Morrell with The Showman at Nottingham Castle

A publisher in Mapperley is offering residents in the borough free postage when they order the latest novel from a former Nottingham detective.

All orders of the paperback version of The Showman by Jacques Morrell will be delivered free of charge to addresses in Gedling Borough between now and Christmas. There is also an option for the book to be gift wrapped and delivered as a present.

The Showman is a suspense thriller which is set predominantly in Nottingham during October 1978. It details Michael Buch and his search for the truth.

Michael always assumed his parents were Kurt and Rosie. Prior to Rosie’s death he learnt that his birth-mother had died in a fairground accident and his father had wanted nothing to do with him. Michael has questions that can only be answered in Nottingham.

The cover from ‘The Showman’

He is oblivious to strange events that occur. People are dying in bizarre and seemingly unconnected circumstances. Are secrets being kept from Michael?

With the death toll rising, Michael’s protection becomes a race against time and the police do not seem interested. 

The proprietor of Porchester Press, Alan Dawson said the local book will make a great gift for residents in the borough.

He said: “The Showman story has resonated with Nottingham readers and particularly expats who remember Nottingham in the 1970s.

“Social media has really created an interest in nostalgic local history. The sharing of photographs and memories of events and locations is a popular way for people to connect.  

“The events depicted in novel centre around locations that such as the Goose Fair and the former Evening Post offices on Forman Street.  

The artwork on the cover of The Showman was created by local illustrator Alice Peake. 

The Showman can be ordered from or Amazon Kindle                                                                                                                  

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