Nottingham East MP Nadia Whittome calls for public support as Notts NHS nurses march to get pay rise

 Nottingham East MP Nadia Whittome calls for public support as Notts NHS nurses march to get pay rise

PICTURED: Nadia Whittome

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Nottingham East MP Nadia Whittome is calling on the government to give nurses the pay they ‘utterly deserve’ ahead of protests in the city over NHS salaries this weekend.

The protest over nurses’ pay will take place in Nottingham city centre between 11am and 1.30pm on Saturday, August 8, near the Brian Clough statue next to Old Market Square.

The protest has been organised in response to the Government issuing a pay rise to armed forces, teachers, police officers, the National Crime Agency, prison officers, doctors and dentists.

MP Nadia Whittome said she hopes the protest ‘sends a clear message to the government that NHS staff deserve a pay rise’.

She told Gedling Eye: “During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic is was NHS and care staff who were at the fore front of the battle against this disease, putting their own lives on the line on a daily basis.

PICTURED: Nottingham East MP Nadia Whittome

“The country had such admiration for our NHS staff and carers, that each week thousands of people stood on their front doors and clapped as a sign of gratitude. It seemed that after 10 years of austerity and the systematic running down of our NHS, that the whole country, and all political parties, were united in recognising the true value of these workers.

“Therefore, when a public sector pay increase was announced no one could have imagined that some NHS and care staff would be left behind; and yet that is exactly what this Conservative government did.

“In my constituency of Nottingham East, some wards have child poverty rates of 58%. How many of these children are the sons and daughters of NHS and care staff? Children whose parents risk their lives every day, and yet can barely afford to put food on the table. Our country can and must do better than this.

“Additionally, so far it is estimated that 540 NHS staff have lost their lives as a result of COVID-19, with a huge 63% of these coming from a BAME or migrant background.

“We know the price that NHS and care staff have paid to keep the country going, now we must stand shoulder to shoulder with NHS workers and demand that they receive the pay rise they so thoroughly and urgently deserve.”



  • 30 plus million pounds raised by Sir Tom, shows the general public are willing to back a raise for all NHS front line staff.

  • My sister a care worker like so many care workers that were clapped and then abused at shopping malls are in need of a complete break with payment for a 14 day isolation should they wish to go abroad for real recuperation. It is a disgrace that your life is worth nothing more than peanuts to this government with no real respect on the such low salaries. Shame on the whole government, your judgement day at the gates will be firmly closed.

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