Greggs Mapperley
PICTURED: Greggs store on Woodborough Road (IMAGE: Google)

Greggs has announced that its shop on Mapperley Top is closing down permanently.

The bakery giant today revealed the store on Woodborough Road will shut its doors for good next month.

Gedling Eye contacted Greggs after being told of the rumours.

A spokesman said: “We can confirm that our Mapperley shop is due to close in May.

“We are always on the lookout for new locations and a full list of our shops in the local area can be found at”

People had mixed reactions to the news.

Sue Brazer, a Mapperley resident, said: “It’s another blow to our high street. A lot of shops are starting to close down around here. Barclays will be going soon. There won’t be anything left on Mapperley Top the way it’s going. I think the council should do something.

Ryan Bishop lives in nearby Sherwood. he said: “I think Mapperley is still better for shops than Sherwood. It’s not terrible to see a chain store go if it’s replaced by a great independent store. I’d love a record or comic shop up here.”

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  1. Still one in Arnold. People should use that. best high street in the borough. It’s our capital our London. Don’t be too upset. Visit Arnold instead.

    • That’s a really weird thing to say… If Arnold was losing its shops one by one, would you walk all the way to Mapperley for a sausage roll? No. Local high streets are great because of exactly this- the fact that they are local. You just happen to be lucky that Arnold has so much choice and that you live there ‍♂️ We have a Birds which is great but they are always sold out by early lunchtime. Mapperley is a huge residential area- why should we have any less of a high street that you lot in Arnold do?

  2. At least we’ve still got Birds. There are far too many charity shops and coffee shops and bars on Mapperley Top. Can we have a fishmonger or a hardware shop please?


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