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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Gedling MP backs calls for new pedestrian crossing on Mapperley road


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Gedling MP Tom Randall is backing calls for a new pedestrian crossing to be created on a busy road in Mapperley.

Residents have started a petition asking for action to be taken by Nottinghamshire County Council, who manage the roads, to improve safety on Digby Avenue in the town.

The petition is calling for a new crossing to be installed between Westdale Infant School and Digby Park to make it easier for schoolchildren and parents to cross during busy times.

Mr Randall said: “Residents on Digby Avenue have contacted me with concerns over crossing Digby Avenue, in particular the difficulty schoolchildren and the elderly have in crossing the road at busy times.

“They have launched a petition asking Nottinghamshire County Council to install a pedestrian crossing between Westdale Infant School and Digby Park and I have been out collecting signatures for this petition.

“The petition will be handed into Nottinghamshire County Council, as the Highways authority, over the next few months and they will then carry out an investigation into the matter.”

If you would like to sign the petition, email your name and address to [email protected]

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  1. What a complete waste of money. Digby Avenue is a quiet side road. The only time it is busy is when the school children come/go, and most of the traffic is their parents dropping them off.

  2. I agree with David above. If Parents could walk to school to collect their kids or even park over 100 yards away, the traffic situation is non existent. Next we’ll be petitioning for a bridge over Marshall Hill Road or a tunnel under Fernleigh!!

  3. If parents stop using their Chelsea tractors to ferry their little blossoms to school then it would be quite again

  4. Firstly Mr Randall, you should have looked down at the track you are standing on. Yes a track. It certainly isn’t a road by any stretch of imagination. You’d be hard pushed to find what originally was classed as Digby Avenue. I’ve driven up farm tracks that have better tarmac than Digby.
    A pedestrian crossing! What are you thinking? Digby is a side track (not road). There are yellow lines outside the school where you shouldn’t park. The 4×4 school runners don’t seem to think this applies to them. They also take there children out off their vehicles on the road side. Door’s wide open etc. Not the pavement side as they should to be safer.
    Get Digby Avenue completely re laid. I won’t take my motorbike on it. It’s not safe! Get the 4×4 lot to do a little walking. It will do them good. Road tax! I can see my £360 a year being well spent!!! Come on Mr Randall, you’ll want a bridge next! Give someone a job, people like lollipop persons and get Digby track to something resembling a road.

  5. What a load of Rubbisih, it’s a Track Albright a Speed Track, it’s just what is needed, Cars Seed down there sometimes over 50 mph,
    The Rd. Has 2Schools a Crèche, A Nursing Home plus a Special School! It’s a cut through as opposed to using The Lane which now has Cameras, I’m pleased to Sign This Petition,
    Thank you for some sense at last!

  6. Tom is a good Arnold born and bred man and should be respected. He has done a lot for our town like trying to keep the banks open. A good man for us.


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