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Gedling leaders ask TSB to reverse decision on branch closures in Mapperley and Netherfield

TSB reverse closure decision Gedling

Gedling Borough Council‘s leaders have today (October 2) asked TSB chiefs to reverse their decision on closing branches in Mapperley and Netherfield.

The banking giant this week announced they would be shutting the sites as part of a UK-wide closure scheme.

TSB’s decision has been met with anger by people in the local community, especially older residents who don’t have access to digital apps, which the bank said could be used as an alternative to branch visits.

Angela Knight, 78, lives in Mapperley and contacted Gedling Eye to say she was angered by the decision.

“I don’t have a mobile phone and just use a library computer for email so I need to have access to a branch. It’s a disgrace that the TSB expect me to go to Sherwood or town.

“With this virus I don’t want to be on a bus with other people. How can the government let them do this now with all that is going on?”

Gedling Borough Council leader John Clarke and deputy leader Michael Payne have now written to the TSB’s chief executive Debbie Crosbie asking her to reverse the decision.

Gedling leader John Clarke, left and deputy leader Michael Payne, right. have asked TSB to reverse their closure decision (Credit: Joseph Raynor)
PICTURED: TSB branch on Victoria Road in Netherfield that is earmarked for closure in 2021
TSB Mapperley
PICTURED: TSB branch in Mapperley (IMAGE: Google)

They wrote: “We are deeply disappointed at the announcement by TSB to close its branches at Mapperley Plains and Netherfield, both of which are within Gedling borough.

“Whilst TSB has made a commitment to enhance its digital offer, we are aware that many of the customers at these two branches rely on face-to-face services to conduct their banking and pay bills.

“TSB’s proposal to close Mapperley Plains and Netherfield branches in early 2021 will have a detrimental impact on our local population and the hardworking staff who work in these branches, and will exacerbate problems with social isolation that are already prevalent within society locally and nationally.

“We are deeply concerned that the closure of TSB branches in Mapperley Plains and Netherfield will leave customers within the entire Gedling borough area without access to a local TSB branch, unless they travel to your Nottingham, Sherwood branch.

“It is shocking this decision to close local branches has been made without any consultation with the local community and your loyal customers – such action undermines TSB’s slogan – ‘Local banking for Britain’.

They added: “We urge you to listen to the people of Gedling borough and immediately halt plans to close Mapperley Plains and Netherfield TSB branches.”

A petition has now been set up calling for TSB to cancel the closures. You can sign it here:

Gedling Eye has contacted TSB for comment.