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Gedling Access Road: Traffic management changes in Mapperley Plains as work on new £40m road continues

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Changes to the traffic management arrangements on Mapperley Plains will change next week as work on the Gedling Access Road continues.

From Monday (October 18), the current nearside lane closure will be removed, which will reopen the three lanes at the traffic signalled junction with Arnold Lane, Gedling Road and Plains Road.

There will be changes made at the junction with Chartwell Grove from Monday.

Burton Road Junction with Gedling Access Road
The Burton Road junction with the A612 has been closed so work could take place on the Gedling Access Road (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

For two weeks, a temporary three-way set of traffic lights will be in place at the junction with Chartwell Grove. These signals will be in place to allow the construction of the new nearside kerb line, drainage, and service ducting to take place.

At peak times, these traffic lights will be under manual control to reduce the impact on motorists.

The Gedling Access Road is a new £40m single carriageway road which will provide a link between the B684 Mapperley Plains and the A612.

Work on the road is expected to be completed this autumn.

It was recently revealed the project is currently £5.4m over budget.

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  1. Why oh why does Gedling Eye keep saying the £40 mil new waste of road. Then they say that Gedling Borough Council is trying to find a way to come up with an extra £5.0million that it is already over priced by. You can bet that they will then say that they will need another £5.0 million as they forgot that they need something else that they didn’t think about
    When a council spends money they don’t need to show how it is to be spent. They just say we forgot this that and the other so we will just take it from OUR pot. To say that they are running Gedling Borough, they couldn’t run a booze up in a brewery.

    • Hi Geoffrey. Just to be clear, the road is a Nottinghamshire County Council project and isn’t being managed by Gedling Borough Council, who have no responsibility for our roads.


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