Mapperley Tunnel

An explorer has this week captured some amazing footage and photos from inside the long-abandoned Mapperley railway tunnel.

The footage is featured in the latest Trekking and Towpaths video, which has so far attracted 1,974 views.

In his latest video, host Ant manages to venture 645 yards down the closed tunnel, capturing stunning video footage and photographs along the way.

The popular explorer claims the tunnel could possibly be the ‘UK’s most dangerous’ due to the poor condition it’s in.

In his new video, he shows the impact construction of the Gedling Access Road is having on the underground passage.

He also discovers an old rusting buffer that fell off a wagon in the late 1950s and gets a closer look at the infamous ‘s**t-tip’, where rubbish was shoved down into the tunnel many years ago – and he fears it ‘could collapse at any moment’.

Mapperley Tunnel was built as part of the Great Northern Railway line running from Colwick Junction, in Nottingham, to Egginton Junction in South Derbyshire.

Opened in the 1870s, it survived a part-collapse in 1925 but was eventually closed by British Rail in April 1960.

You can see view other videos on the Trekking and Towpaths YouTube channel here:



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