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460 people sign petition calling for new safe footpath alongside road in Mapperley

Campaigners handed over the petition to Arnold North councillor Pauline Allen after it gained a large number of signatures in just two weeks.


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A petition calling for a safe footpath alongside a stretch of road in Mapperley has now been handed in to Nottinghamshire County Council after attracting over 460 signatures.

Campaigners gave the petition to Arnold North councillor Pauline Allen after it gaining a large number of signatures in just two weeks.

The petition is calling for the council to create and maintain a short section of footpath alongside Mapperley Plains that campaigners say will open up the existing footpaths in the area.

Locals believe that a new section of footpath will benefit the wider community by making the area more attractive and safer for pedestrians.

It asks for a 100m path alongside the verge between Mellish Rugby Club and the two existing footpaths that lead to Arnold (Killisick Lane) and to Woodborough.

The petition was online and supported by the management of Mellish Rugby Club and The Travellers Rest public house.

The petition will now be presented at the next County Council meeting on November 25.

Lead campaigner Alan Dawson said: “During lockdown, I walked from Mapperley Top to Woodborough using existing pavements and footpaths.

“This 100m section of Mapperley Plains was the only stretch that seemed unsafe and unpleasant to walk along. It seemed odd that the existing footpaths are not connected.

“Nottinghamshire County Council says that it aspires to allow people to enjoy exercise in the fresh air by exploring Nottinghamshire on foot. Their Rights of Way Management Plan must assess whether local rights of way meet the present and likely future needs of the public.

“I hope that they will see this as an opportunity to meet the needs of the public around Mapperley Plains”.

Richard Whitbread, manager of The Travellers Rest said: “I fully support this initiative as one of several safety improvements that are needed along this stretch of Mapperley Plains.

“There are a number of new housing developments and the local population is increasing. During the COVID19 pandemic I have walked around the area and if the traffic speed could be lowered too, then more of us would walk more often and spend more time in the fresh air”.            

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  1. A cycle path also needs building along from Coppice Road To Mellish rugby club . Kill two birds with one stone. The new cycle path along the gedling by pass makes it safer for cyclists and the one up Lambley Lane and Spring Lane should be a barometer for future road building.


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