Man charged and remanded over ‘grisly’ sheep death in Calverton

 Man charged and remanded over ‘grisly’ sheep death in Calverton
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Police have charged a man with animal cruelty in connection with a report of three sheep being killed in a grisly incident in Calverton.

Grigore Vlad, 41, of no fixed address, has been charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, criminal damage, driving without insurance, driving otherwise in accordance with a licence and failing to surrender to custody.

He has been remanded in custody and is due to appear at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court tomorrow (Monday, August 3, 2020).

PICTURED: Sleep slaughted in Calverton

The charges relate to a report of a suspicious incident on Oxton Road on the night of 6 April 2020 after a farmer heard loud bang noises and talking in a field.

The caller left his house and went out with his torch to find three sheep dead. Two of the animals were found to have had their throats cut and another sheep was suspected to have died through shock.

Two other sheep were also tied up by their horns with nylon rope, with one of them also having a slash wound. Thankfully they survived.

Police officers moved quickly to arrest a man thanks to the help of a local gamekeeper who helped to track the suspect down.

The gamekeeper followed a vehicle, which the suspect was believed to be travelling in, into the city which was finally stopped in Gregory Boulevard.

Local officers were alerted to the incident and arrested a man.

Detective Sergeant Luke Todd, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “This was a horrific incident that has caused much upset to the farmer. A suspect has now been charged and we now await the outcome of this case through the courts.”


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