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Local projects in Gedling borough can bid for share of £500,000 fund

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Residents in Gedling borough can now bid for a share of £500,000 towards local projects through Jigsaw Foundation – a fund set up to help improve neighbourhoods across the area.

Now in its second year, Jigsaw Foundation has successfully supported 77 community projects, covering a variety of themes including health and wellbeing, improving the environment as well as financial and digital inclusion. During the pandemic, Jigsaw Foundation has offered vital funding to foodbanks across the areas where we have homes. This includes the Arnold Food Bank in Gedling.

Jigsaw Homes Group, that makes the funding available, is now encouraging bids from a range of different applicants across our neighbourhoods, including resident groups, local or charity projects, voluntary organisations, social enterprises and partner agencies.

The funding will enable projects to make a real difference to our residents’ lives and their communities. One of the good causes to receive funding from Jigsaw is the Gedling based community project ‘SPRIING’ (Social Prescribing Reducing Isolation in Gedling). A £19,266 grant has enabled the project to establish a one year Social Prescription pilot to address loneliness and isolation among older people living in the borough of Gedling. It is a partnership between Gedling Borough Council and Gedling Homes, working with social and activity groups in the community. The aim is to explore the project’s success through assessing participants wellbeing during their engagement with them and then sharing outcomes of the project with the aim of finding a sustainable way to continue the good practice established during the year.

Other projects to receive funding include local theatres, school workshops, sports activities, dementia cafes, community centres, social enterprise start-ups and work clubs.

Suzanne Bullock, Assistant Director of Neighbourhoods at Jigsaw Homes Group said:

“The £500,000 Jigsaw Foundation Community Fund confirms our continued investment in all our communities in supporting projects close to people’s hearts that can also have a positive impact in our neighbourhoods, especially in this current climate.”

Tenants from across Jigsaw Group vote on the successful projects, having a say on where and how they would like the money to be spent.

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For further information and to find out how to apply, please visit our website: foundation.jigsawhomes.org.uk.

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  1. Jigsaw Homes eh. the same company that brokers out the rooftops of the Walton Court flats to Telecoms companies in return they carry out half hearted renovations on them, fronts painted but not the rears or lift shafts. Then theres the interference from their masts and the droning noise from the big grey boxes on the roofs when its red hot. Yep, thats Jigsaw homes for you. And all when theres a lot of doubt over the safety of 5G signals no less.


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