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New Pitched roofs over garage and rear addition.

11A Greendale Road Arnold Nottinghamshire NG5 6QD (Ref. No: 2018/0733 )

Raise parapet to new extension to screen roof mounted plant 

Oxclose Hotel Oxclose Lane Arnold NG5 6FZ (Ref. No: 2018/0711)


Works to Oak tree.  

48 Sidlaw Rise, Bestwood Nottinghamshire NG5 9PU (Ref. No: 2018/0740TPO)

Burton Joyce

Erection of 1 no. three bedroom dwelling with double garage and carport. 

Land Vicarage Drive, Burton Joyce Nottinghamshire (Ref. No: 2018/0729)


Application for the approval of the reserved matters of access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale on outline application 2015/0431 – Demolition of three buildings and the erection of a single 2 storey dwelling house, garage and private curtilage.

Spring Farm Kennels, Salterford Lane, Calverton NG14 6NZ (Ref. No: 2018/0726)

Application for the approval of the reserved matters of access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale on outline application 2017/1096 – Erection of single dwelling and garage requiring demolition of existing cattery and boarding kennels buildings. 

Spring Farm Kennels, Salterford Lane, Calverton NG14 6NZ (Ref. No: 2018/0725)

Application for Listed Building Consent for the removal of hard based cement render, assessment of brick work, repairs and repointing where necessary, re-render following assessment and removal of paint from stone window sills and lower stone plinth. 

Calverton House, 8 Main Street, Calverton NG14 6FQ (Ref. No: 2018/0675)


Single storey extension to the rear and side  

71, Douglas Avenue, Carlton Nottinghamshire NG4 1AL (Ref. No: 2018/0688)

Retrospective application for erection of single storey car port and shed/store

32, George Road Carlton NG4 3AE (Ref. No: 2018/0668)


Retrospective planning permission to retain fencing, gates and concrete aprons and new planning permission to install twin CHP generation plant, boiler unit and flue, yard office and admin office. 

Bio Dynamic (UK) Ltd, Road No 4, Colwick Nottinghamshire NG4 2JT (Ref. No: 2018/0737NCC)

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Single storey rear extension- flat roof with roof lantern.  

27 Church Drive, Daybrook Nottinghamshire NG5 6JD (Ref. No: 2018/0742PN)


Single Storey Rear Extension.

20-22, Westdale Lane East, Gedling NG4 3JA (Ref. No: 2018/0542)

Erect a pair of semi-detached houses 

Land To The South Of 2 Barons Close, Gedling  NG4 3LZ (Ref. No: 2018/0709)

Front Single Story Porch Extension & Front Brick Boundary Wall

6 Lascelles Avenue, Gedling NG4 4GB (Ref. No: 2018/0746)

Single storey rear extension & entrance porch to front elevation 

14, Kings Avenue, Gedling NG4 4ED (Ref. No: 2018/0741)


Three storey extension with elevation revision to front and two storey extension to side and rear together with raised decking area

208 Spring Lane, Lambley NG4 4PE (Ref. No: 2018/0649)

Extension of approved access road 

114 Spring Lane, Lambley NG4 4PG (Ref. No: 2018/0638)


Single storey rear extension and external cladding to gable ends of dwelling. 

14 Stanley Road Mapperley NG3 6HT (Ref. No: 2018/0708)


Tree works

12 Oakwood Drive, Ravenshead NG15 9DP (Ref. No: 2018/0748TPO)

6no. Residential Units with Garages & new Private Drive

22 Kighill Lane, Ravenshead NG15 9HN (Ref. No: 2018/0727)


A rear single storey extension. Side ground and first floor extensions. 

14, Redhill Lodge Drive, Redhill NG5 8JH (Ref. No: 2018/0752)


Fell 8 No. Leylandii trees 

16, Ploughman Avenue, Woodborough  NG14 6DE (Ref. No: 2018/0714TCA)


First floor side extension over existing incl new canopy over front door and new retaining walls to suit off road parking at footway level 

48, Coronation Road, Woodthorpe NG3 5JS (Ref. No: 2018/0734)

Fell one diseased beech tree and crown lifting up to 5 metres to 3 other trees.

742, Mansfield Road, Woodthorpe NG5 3FY (Ref. No: 2018/0686TPO)

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