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Landlord turfs nail bar out of Calverton premises

Customers of 'Nails Bar' were shocked to find the business on St Wilfrid's Square locked and empty.

Pictured: Nails Bar with all signage removed (Gedling Eye)

A nail bar in Calverton has been repossessed by landlords.

Customers of ‘Nails Bar’ were shocked to find the business on St Wilfrid’s Square locked and empty.

A forfeiture notice is now being displayed on the inside of the main door and all signage has been removed.

Locals have expressed their shock at their closure on the village’s dedicated Facebook page, with one writing: “Calverton Nail shop, GONE!!!!”

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Pictured: Nails Bar with signage (Facebook)

The notice was served by Parkinsons Bailiff Services Ltd, Enforcement Agents on Long Hai Cao of 14 St. Wilfrid’s Square, Calverton, NG14 6FP.

Pictured: Forfeiture Notice (Gedling Eye)

The notice was served on behalf of the landlord Rookman Properties Limited on May 5 formally determining the lease and advising that any attempt by Long Hai Cao or their agents to enter the premises would result in criminal and civil proceedings being taken.

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  1. They should move to arnold its growing and thyving and plenty of opportunities in our town. Its our capital and our London

    • You serious Arnold Lad? More empty units in Arnold than anywhere – and AMP, well, that was a success. Our capital? I prefer Mapperley.

      • Mapperley is not much different – two big empty run down banks with circus signs in the windows and an empty Greggs are what meets you in the heart of Mapperley high street

  2. Get a grip Arnold Lad – they have to pay rent wherever they go like everyone does. If you don’t pay then you cant stay ! The owners have their own bills to pay

    • Jonny. businesses are better off in Arnold FACT. Tourism a lovely park and history and more shoppers. Its the capital of Gedling so would you rather have a shop in London or Northampton. FACT better off in the capital and ours is Arnold – FACT as the council say,

  3. Arnold Boy …. I see they are rushing to occupy the last unit in your flagship AMP ! never mind the whole top of it is still empty – where is the demand ???????

    • Have you a Greggs in Gedling have you a Asda have you a Wilkinsons have you a Halfords? No Gedling does not. Big brands come here and thay will at the AMP. You wont be laughing if someone like Ramsey or Pieere White takes the top floor of the amp as a new restaurant or Jamie Oliver.

  4. Arnold Child …. I won’t hold my breathe for Jamie – his chain of restaurants went bust in 2019 ! As for Ramsey, everytime he has left London to open a restaurant he has gone bust – Ireland, Canada and the US, but I’m sure he’ll make it a success in Arnold 🙂

    • Total lack of respect for me Johnny from gedling that means I have won the argument HaHaHa. You are the child. Arnold is so much better than Gedling and everyone knows it. We have tourists and you have NONE. We have a park and yours is an old pit. We have a new market place and you have NONE. Sell your house move to Arnold and realise that this is our capital our London and enjoy all ARnold has to offer

  5. You’re a clown …. If I sell my house in Gedling I’ll be able to buy a street in Arnold

  6. when we get a labour mp again the amp will do fine to conduct parliamentary business on behalf of the gedling constitoency voters.


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